Kurt Angle's Arrest Could Hinder Impact Wrestling's Product

By Jon Fisher
Photo courtesy of Impact Wrestling Official Facebook Page

What seemed to be a very slow news day in the world of professional wrestling changed quickly when former WWE champion and current TNA Wrestling employee Kurt Angle was arrested in Wise county, Texas for driving while intoxicated.

Angle could have been caught in the act last night, but it didn’t appear in the sheriff’s office until today and it was also booked concurrently. He had to post bail, which took $2,000 out of his pocket, and he is awaiting trial.

However, his arrest is not the worst part of this story. Let’s all gather around the table of goodness and sanctity of this world and realize that Angle made a mistake. He made a mistake that will make mothers think twice about supporting, or even worse, letting their child support him and his professional endeavors.

It’s a huge business cycle. Angle will be in bad spirits with the fans; at least the ones who care about image. Thus, they will not attend the show or buy his shirts, which will drop the revenue of the product as long as fans do not forget about his indiscretions.

That’s the ultimate question isn’t it? Wrestling’s business is a vicious cycle. Translate that to WWE and John Cena if you will.

If Cena were to get arrested for a DUI, DWI or anything really, his revenue would go down slightly, causing WWE to lose some money. There’s a kicker — TNA doesn’t have money to lose like WWE does. Impact Wrestling is already hurting at the moment. Any bad publicity by the company in any way will only further harm them.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that bad publicity equals loss. This isn’t Angle’s first arrest either, as he’s been booked five times in the past six years. Four of those arrests are DUI/DWI charges.

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