WWE's Second Quarter Earnings Prove That TV-PG Is Working

By joeburgett
WWE’s Official Facebook Page

A lot of people tend to knock WWE for it’s stance on being TV-PG. I have been vocal about some issues I have had with it myself, but the one that is a glaring fact is that WWE is most certainly not going anywhere any time soon. Another fact is that despite many fans hating the PG stance WWE has taken, they are actually doing quite well.

In the second quarter earnings, World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. was able to improve in just about every category from the previous year. Some by as high as over 20 percent. Since many people only care about the top-five forms of revenue, Ewrestlingnews.com decided to release just that and compared it to last year.

This is what WWE has brought in this year:

1. TV Rights: $75.5 million
2. Live Events: $61.1 million
3. PPV: $52.2 million
4. Licensing: $30.7 million
5. DVD: $14.1 million

That rounds out to about $276.3 million.

Compared to the previous year’s numbers, which were here:

1. TV Rights: $64.9 million
2. Live Events: $57.6 million
3. PPV: $54.3 million
4. Licensing: $30.8 million
5. DVD: $17 million

This number was at $264.7 million.

This meant WWE went up $11.6 million from 2012 to this year after the second quarter. If WWE were to keep at 276.3 million or around it, they could once again be a billion-dollar business.

Of course, after contracts are paid (among other things), WWE may only bring in $200-300 million for year. But the fact that they are close to being the “business” that they were before is a great thing. This pretty much means that WWE will not be taking TV-PG away any time soon.

One glaring problem is that WWE’s PPV numbers did go down by a few million, this was despite the fact that Wrestlemania 29 was a well-bought show. However, last year’s Mania had John Cena vs. The Rock for the “first time”, as well as the last match for Triple H and Undertaker against one another in a Hell in a Cell.

Despite all of this, because TV rights, licensing, DVD and live event revenue went up, I think that WWE is doing well and can continue that pattern for the rest of the year.

But what do you think? Is this a good sign for WWE or just another day? Let me know in the comment section below.


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