Goldberg Thinks the Ryback Gimmick Is a 'Total Rip-Off'

By Jon Fisher
Image Courtesy of Bill Goldberg WWE Universe Facebook Page

According to E-Wrestling News per WQAM radio in Miami, Florida, former World Heavyweight champion Bill Goldberg isn’t too keen on the new resurgence of Ryback over the past few months.

In the interview, he is quoted as saying, “[the gimmick] is a total rip off.”

Well, Mr. Goldberg has his rights to his own opinion and so does everyone for that matter. For the record, in that same interview, Goldberg claimed he didn’t have any problem with Ryan Reeves (Ryback) as a person at all.

It’s only the gimmick he has a problem with. As he should be, because it was Goldberg who was the first-ever big man to put that intimidation factor into his opponents with his elongated entrance starting from the locker room out to the ring.

If you haven’t seen it, I suggest you take a look at this:

The video is, of course, Goldberg’s debut in WWE when he interrupted a promo by the Rock. His entrance is horrifying for the opponents already in the ring. There is loud noise from the bongo drum banging at each notice and it’s so long that the fans gain more anticipation.

That is how to do an entrance for a big villain.

This has been done in World Wrestling Entertainment before, so I can kind of defend Goldberg. The Nexus is just a take off of the nWo. Bray Wyatt’s gimmick is very similar to CM Punk’s when he formed the Straight Edge Society.

There are much more instances in history that presume WWE uses gimmicks just like old laundry. They place it on a man with promise and hope it works. It’s easy to use a big guy for a scary gimmick, but with Ryback, it’s too easy.

Ryback is 6’3” and weighs 291 pounds. Goldberg is listed at 6-foot-4 and weighs 285 pounds. The two men are almost identical in weight and height, not only body type.

So, let me hear it from the Rant Sports community: did WWE just place Ryback to be the next Goldberg or the next Ryback?

There’s one question though when Ryback retires …

Who’s next?

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