Will John Cena's Elbow Injury Affect WWE Star's Status for SummerSlam?

By Jon Fisher
Image Courtesy of John Cena WWE Universe Facebook Page

If you didn’t catch Monday Night Raw two days ago, WWE champion John Cena had quite the baseball lodged up into his elbow.at

Clearly, he didn’t put a baseball in his elbow and decide to make a joke about it, but it obviously looked injured and that immediately put a question mark on his status for his match at SummerSlam in under two weeks time against Daniel Bryan.

The original update from E-Wrestling News per WWE.com had a quick story on Cena’s elbow:

“For now, it does not appear that Cena’s title defense is in any danger, nor is his eligibility for SummerSlam. He can and has fought back through worse. As for whether he’s truly at 100 percent when he puts his title on the line? That, at least, is no longer a given.” – WWE.com

It was also reported from the same news site that when he had surgery last year, the doctors were shocked he was still able to perform and lift weights. Word has it that he tweaked his elbow during the overseas tour in South Africa, and that is the reason for its clear visibility on Raw.

Now, if you are familiar with pro wrestling in the slightest, you know that Cena has worked through many injuries before. Even on Raw, he listed a few off and claimed he came back from a broken neck 24 hours later to perform on Raw.

Remember his miraculous return at the Royal Rumble? That was after a torn pectoral, and he was expected to miss many more months than intended. It was so shocking that even WWE brass couldn’t believe their eyes.

That brings us to Cena’s Twitter account, where he said he will indeed be ready for SummerSlam in 11 days.

To all those wondering how a baseball got stuck in my left elbow. It’s … complicated. Ill be fine for #summerslam @WWEUniverse @WWE
— John Cena (@JohnCena) August 6, 2013

Cena is a big baseball fan, but the joke rings clear. He is hurt, but is willing to work anyway. Can anyone name a former wrestler who worked through more injuries than Cena? It’s very hard to, and maybe that’s a great thing.

He goes out every night and knows he is injured, but performs at the highest level still physically possible. Props to you John.

The billion-dollar question is: will it affect his match at SummerSlam with Daniel Bryan? An obvious answer is no, because of the skill level of Bryan and his history of matches with injured opponents. Cena isn’t a stranger to working carefully, but that won’t stop him.

What do you think?

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