WWE News: Superstar Sheamus' Injury May Be A Blessing In Disguise

By joeburgett
Image courtesy of Sheamus’ WWE Universe Page

In a surprising news update, WWE Superstar Sheamus has been injured and will be gone for at least six months.

Sheamus hurt his leg in the Money in the Bank Ladder match, and was sporting a nasty bruise on the leg. Many thought it was simply an inner bruise and thus, he can compete for WWE. It appeared to be healing normally, but Sheamus then started having issues with his range of motion. Sharp pains all the way down the arm accompanied the issue.

The WWE had an MRI done on the Celtic Warrior, and found that he needs surgery to repair a torn labrum on his left arm. It will be arthroscopic and he will most likely visit Dr. James Andrews in Birmingham, Alabama to get the surgery done. Dr. Andrews has done several sports surgeries and WWE loves using him for their superstars. Dr. Andrews is considered by many to be the best sports surgeon in the world today, so Sheamus will be in good hands.

The labrum is a very inconvenient injury; you have to keep in mind where it’s located and why Sheamus is having an issue with it for not only his job, but his way of life.

The shoulder area is basically a ball and socket joint. The issue is that it’s shallow and really hard to keep stable. This is why shoulder problems tend to stick around. The cool part is that the shoulder makes up for what it cannot handle with other parts to help support it.

The labrum is part of that. To make up for the issue the shoulder has, the labrum makes itself heavily present. The labrum is basically cartilage that forms a cup for the end of the arm bone, called the humerus, to allow movement. The labrum goes around glenoid to make the socket a bit deeper.

This allows for your shoulder to remain safe while also giving you range of motion like swinging your arm. Because the labrum is not a bone, and helps to support the shoulder itself, it takes the brunt of the punishment. Because it’s mainly tissue, it is open for a wide array of problems. More often when people complain of shoulder injuries, it is typically a labrum tear, as again, it is the first thing to mediate a shoulder injury.

Most of the time, this will just heal in time. However, there are issues that prevent this for athletes. First off, it takes a while to heal properly. But second, the injury is really significant from the start and an athlete needs to heal faster than the average persom. While Sheamus’ injury may be okay to heal by itself, there is a risk to this too.

The risk is that if no surgery is done, due to his job, he could risk doing even more damage to the entire shoulder itself. For people not in the position he is in, sometimes treatments for the pain can be done until healing occurs. Due to his job, however, he needs surgery to properly repair the issue now and he could simply miss six months rather than a lot longer if he waited for it to heal or came back before it was 100%.

My thought is that he will probably miss five months unless WWE wants him to be back sooner. He could simply make his return at the Royal Rumble, as it probably would be enough time for him to heal up properly.

This is a great thing for Sheamus, because he can heal other things that are a problem for him while he is recovering from surgery. So this is a bit of a blessing in disguise.

This is still a blow for WWE as Sheamus is a big star for them and was in a position to be back in the main event scene. However, this is one man’s opinion. Let me know yours below in the comment section.


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