What Has the WWE Done to Kane’s Image?


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I’m not a fan of what the WWE has done to Kane in recent years. Kane entered the WWE in 1997 as the little brother to the Undertaker. The big-red machine dominated the industry when entered, and was feared as well. But that doesn’t seem to be the case right now.

I’m not a fan of the tag-team of Daniel Byran and Kane, but even though they are no longer partners, too much damage has been done to Kane’s image. Kane went from a demon, to a happy-go lucky wrestler which makes me cringe, and even more annoyed at the PG era.

It really makes no sense to me how the WWE could go down that route. The company has made it a point close to 23 years now that the Undertaker’s image should be kept a certain way where he doesn’t look human, and compassionate too often. Even when the Undertaker put his personal life in the ring with the bicker persona from 2000-03, he still maintained his overall image as someone who shouldn’t be messed with.

So why would the WWE tweak Kane’s character? You could make the argument that Kane’s image right now reflects a little on the Undertaker since they are perceived as brothers in the WWE.

My biggest issue with what the WWE has done, is the fact that Undertaker and Kane fought in 2010 for who would have the right to be named “The devils favorite demon” and Kane defeated the Undertaker at the paper view Bragging Rights that year when he needed to, which ended the feud. The match, in my opinion, should of put Kane in constant contention for the WWE championship or the World Heavyweight championship. But in the end, not much materialized after that match.

So, this is the thanks Kane gets at the end? Hopefully things will turn for the better as I expect them to with Kane facing the Wyatt Family for Summerslam.


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  • Darren

    Bicker persona?

  • Greg Lucas

    Paper view?

  • Buddy Rogers

    Vince McMahon ruined rassling when he decided he didn’t want to pay the State Athletic Commissions anymore. So he went away from 75 years of successful kayfabe formula and removed any doubt his junky new product might be legitimate. Next came Nepotism. Then TV scriptwriters to make sure canned ad libs and high spots were presented to the new smark-up audiences .
    Who cares what any of his middle-aged peter pan snydome jabrones look like?

  • Porfirio Cantu Jr.

    Yeah, I have to agree Kane’s character flip flops way too much for him to be taken serious. Basically, he’s the highest paid jobber in the wwe. Kane lose the mask and evolve. Perhaps, he could join the wyatts if he grew beard. Who knows they could be the four horsemen of this era. Interesting ain’t it.

  • Vic Rattlehead

    Outside the ring, Kane is too busy with politics I guess. He doesnt seems to care about his own character, so just accepted any story that WWE gave to him

  • http://pakviewsreviews.blogspot.com/ Salman Saleem

    Pay Per View
    Biker persona
    The devil’s favorite demon