Bray Wyatt vs. Kane In A Ring Of Fire Match At SummerSlam?

By Jon Fisher
Image Courtesy of WWE’s Official Bray Wyatt Facebook Page

If you thought the WWE Universe would see its last inferno match, then you thought wrong. According to, Kane and Bray Wyatt will compete in a Ring of Fire match at SummerSlam in nine days.

The news broke this morning, but hardcore IWC fans will not be as excited as a normal inferno match.

“The ring will be surrounded by fire to keep others out of the match, but the winner does not have to set his opponent on fire like in previous versions of the match. Basically, it’ll be WWE’s “toned down/PG” version of an Inferno Match” (E-Wrestling News)

There has only been four inferno matches in WWE history. Here are the matches and results:

WWF Unforgiven 1998: The Undertaker defeated Kane by setting his arm on fire.
WWF Raw is War in 1999: Undertaker defeated Kane again by setting his foot on fire.
Smackdown in 1999: Triple H defeated Kane by way of Viscera and Mideon setting Kane’s arm on fire.
WWE Armageddon in 2006: Kane most recently defeated MVP after he set his back on fire.

That gives Kane a record in inferno matches of one win and three losses. Shouldn’t that almost guarantee Kane a victory at SummerSlam? However, Kane just signed on to perform in the sequel of See No Evil. With him filming the movie, a brief hiatus must be taken. Don’t be surprised to see Wyatt win this match and the Devil’s Favorite Demon to lose once again.

The big question remains, will Kane follow the buzzards upon his return?

I think that’s a fairly obvious statement. With Kane gone, the Wyatts will explode on the scene even more than they already are. After his hiatus is over, Wyatt will be getting beaten down by someone and Kane will enter to “make the save”. The swerve is applied and Kane helps out Bray, thus completing his transformation to the Wyatt Family.

Sounds a bit easy, doesn’t it? Let’s hope that WWE won’t be too predictable with this finish. So, I ask you, do you agree with this match? Is it not PG enough? Lastly, will Kane or Wyatt take the victory?

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