WWE: What The Ring of Fire Match Really Is

By joeburgett
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The Wyatt Family hit the main roster quickly and went after one of the roster’s big fish in Kane right away. It was a major deal to attack the Big Red Machine. A lot of people find Kane soft these days and while that might be so, that does not mean he has lost every demonic thing about him.

Kane did not like being attacked by the Wyatts and in particular, Bray Wyatt. He does not like Wyatt’s message. He agreed that while he was always doing horrible things which were demonic and sometimes over the line, at least he didn’t do it while spreading a false doctrine. He wants to settle the issue with Wyatt right away, which is why he said he would fight him at SummerSlam in a “Ring of Fire” match.

I’d like for you to keep in mind about what this actually is. WWE is basically trying to make everything simple for people to get these days. PPVs like TLC, Hell in a Cell, and Elimination Chamber are just some of the crazy concepts WWE used to not “confuse” fans about what a show was. Of course, these are all gimmick PPVs, but they could have been named something a little better.

In any case, in the latest form of “keeping it simple”, WWE has changed the name of the Inferno Match to the Ring of Fire. It is what it is, so there is no confusing what this match will entail. The ring will be surrounded by fire, and the only way to win is to set your opponent on fire.

Kane has been in every single Inferno/Ring of Fire match in WWE history. The last match of this type featured MVP and Kane. MVP really got caught on fire in this match and sustained some pretty bad burns. He was okay, but the burns were not cool to take obviously.

For Bray Wyatt’s character, I think this could be an excellent match for him to win. If he beats the Devil’s Favorite Demon in his match, how can you really bet against him in any way for future matches?

SummerSlam’s card is already getting stacked, but the addition of this match makes it a must-buy. The Inferno/Ring of Fire match has always been one of the most dangerous match types WWE has ever had. As a result, the WWE has only allowed a small number of them to happen. Again, this is real fire we are talking about.

I thought we’d never see it in WWE-PG personally, as the danger level can be high for both men. Also, accidents can happen at any time. Whether it’s a shirt, pants, or beard catching on fire, nothing is safe.

WWE will obviously have medical personnel at the ring, and they will most likely have a fire marshal present as well. Also, both men will most likely be coated with something to protect their skin from not only the heat around them, but the fire that could very well touch them.

There is a thought that the rules could be changed in that WWE will allow a pin or submission, rather than the winner being able to light their opponent on fire. We will have to see, but if a pin/submission option is there, do not be surprised.

Let me know your thoughts below on the match. Will WWE stay true to the Inferno rules?

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