CM Punk’s “Go To Sleep” Finisher Isn’t Fooling Anyone

CM Punk

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I’m a fan of CM Punk. He’s good for the WWE, and he seems to do the right things on, and out of the ring. But if there is one thing I think needs to be corrected, and I think his “Go to Sleep” finisher has to be addressed.

You know, 10 years ago, finishing moves in the WWE used to be believable and more creative. But its almost as if the company has run out of ideas for wrestlers in terms of finishing moves. My colleague Jon Fisher even referenced in his article that Ric Flair gave The Miz his Figure-Four Leg Lock , and funny thing about that is, Fisher thinks that move is the worst of all time, and he may be right. But I think the Punk’s finisher would give the Figure-Four Leg Lock a run for its money.

The Go-To-Sleep finisher is when Punk puts an opponent over his shoulders, and drops them with his knee cap. I mean really? That’s it? If that is supposed to do so much damage, I wonder what Triple H, and his high knee is supposed to do? It certainly doesn’t have the impact of Punk’s Go- To Sleep finisher.

If the WWE wants to continue to let Punk use that finisher, it would look better in my opinion if they let Punk have a metal plate inside a knee brace, and you could actually believe the impact. Without it, it just doesn’t make any sense to me.

I don’t mean to single out Punk’s finisher, because there are other finishers that are just as terrible, if not worse. Rey Mysterio and his “619” is just as bad. Opponents hanging on the bottom rope, and just waiting for Mysterio is comedy, and painful to watch.

But Punk is among the elite wrestlers in the WWE right now, and I think a tweak to his finisher would be good for him in the long run.

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  • Joe Burgett

    IDK, the move is pretty believable to me. The person falls down from above and hits the knee that Punk forces them to fall into. I don’t think anyone expects for Punk to try and hit the person with his knee however. The Pedigree looks nice, but it’s the same concept. The person lands on their forearms to protect their head. It can go wrong, and has. Just as Punks’s GTS has too

    • WolaOdeniran

      That is a fair point, and the wrestler that I saw who sold it the best was the Rock earlier this year. It can work as you said, its just a little harder to do when he faces someone like the Undertaker for example. But Punk is cool. He’s one of the few that has the old school mentality in the ring.

      • Joe Burgett

        Yes, facing someone bigger hurts the concept of it as he’d have to be strong enough to do it on them. But that’s also why he has the vice to help out too

        • WolaOdeniran


  • SportsGenius705

    The 619 is 100000 times worse than anything. It’s a shame Mysterio lost the ability to fly like he did in the WCW because he was incredible to watch.

    • WolaOdeniran

      I agree Mysterio’s 619 is pretty bad lol

  • paul avinash

    619 is good to see but he cant win the match with that if you see punk`s GTS he can easily win the match the worst finisher is daniel bryan`s