Why John Cena Is WWE's Most Underrated Superstar Today

By seanlinhares
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Being at the top has both it’s negatives and it’s positives.

Of course, the wacky world of professional wrestling continues that trend, and no one has sat atop that world longer than current WWE Champion John Cena. Since his debut in 2002, Cena has gone up against everyone from Kurt Angle and Eddie Guerrero to The Rock and CM Punk, managing to defeat them all, oftentimes thanks to his sheer determination and will.

That decade of dominance has launched him to a popularity few have reached before, putting him in a league alongside names like Hulk Hogan and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Sadly, all that success has alienated many fans, as years of dominance have eroded Cena’s character in many’s eyes, leaving him an empty shell with no depth. After all, how many times can someone “overcome”  the odds before they are always considered the favorite? As CM Punk said, Cena has become the New York Yankees due to his constant success, which of course hasn’t to sat well with a good portion of WWE’s fans.

In fact, for the past few years, Cena has become arguably the most hated man in the promotion. He has his life constantly threatened on social media, is told that he sucks on every night and oftentimes is boo’d more than even the most evil of heels. Of course, Cena has maintained a steady following of die hard fans known as the “CeNation”, but the haters are slowly beginning to outgrow the supporters, making John Cena a wanted man.

But are they wrong to hate John?

The core reason many fans feel so strongly against Cena is due to his often childish promos where he tells jokes and has a good time. But at this point, it’s easy to see that this is the whole point of those promos — to further the rift between Cena’s haters and supporters in order to intensify that argument, which is exactly why those same promos some call corny work wonderfully.

The goal of every wrestler is to get a reaction, and those promos do just that. Cena constantly plays with the crowd, proving he has them in the palm of his hand the entire time. Almost no wrestlers have managed to force fans to pay attention to them in such a way, whether positive or negative, in the pro wrestling’s long history.

Those that do become legends.

Of course, there is also the issue of Cena’s wrestling ability, which many claim is boring and simply not very good. Well, that too is not exactly a fact.

After all, when was the last time you truly saw an awful match from John Cena? Like something you simply had to turn off due to it’s total awfulness? Odds are, you haven’t.

Plus, Cena is arguably the most adaptable WWE star of all time, something he continues to prove today. Last month, he faced the giant Mark Henry in a very solid match at Money In The Bank. This month, he will face the technical wonder Daniel Bryan in what many are already claiming as a Match of the Year nominee.

Cena can adapt to any opponent and always puts on a good, solid match with them. Occasionally, he can even pull out an all time great match, such as his 2011 Money In The Bank encounter with CM Punk, when the two went to war in a five-star bout.

At the end of the day, all of this hate on John Cena needs to come to an end.

His promos? They’re often corny and childish, but they force every WWE fan to pick a side — for Cena or not. Plus, when he gets serious, he may be the best talker in the world, like in his segment with Daniel Bryan from the past week’s Raw.

His matches? They’re always entertaining at the very least and can even be a Match of the Year occasionally.

So please, it’s time to be fair and just admit that John Cena is the single most underrated wrestler in WWE today.

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