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6 Hot WWE SummerSlam Predictions

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6 Big Predictions For WWE Summerslam

Courtesy Triple H -- Official WWE Universe Facebook

As Gorilla Monsoon used to say, "the electricity in the air, you can cut it with a knife." That's what's happening with WWE SummerSlam this year from the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Summerslam is one of the WWE's Big Four Pay-Per-Views, including Royal Rumble, Survivor Series and Wrestlemania. It's where Randy "Macho Man" Savage married Elizabeth. It's where The Ultimate Warrior thumped the Honky Tonk Man to win the Intercontinental Title. It's where Hulk Hogan teamed with Savage, as the Mega Powers, to fight Ted Dibiase and Zeus.

Summerslam has a long, rich history of great cards with intriguing, memorable matches. This year, the company is red hot thanks to the soaring popularity of Daniel Bryan, who will challenge John Cena for the WWE championship. The two staged a classic interview segment on Monday, where Cena essentially played heel (and did so fabulously, by the way) while Bryan played the role of the bullied fan favorite. Cena plays the angry jock role so much better than the nice frat boy character. He comes across way more real as a serious bad-guy. On the undercard, former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar will fight CM Punk in a grudge match featuring two guys who are good friends outside of the ring.

Another big mystery surrounding the show is whether Randy Orton will cash in his "Money in the Bank" shot against Cena or Bryan.

This show should pop a huge buy rate, largely because four of the company's best workers are all performing in the top two matches. Click ahead to see what's going to happen at SummerSlam:

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6: John Cena Wins

Courtesy John Cena-- Official WWE Universe Facebook

No! No! No! WWE Champion John Cena is a company man and company men are usually rewarded in the end. Despite Daniel Bryan's hot streak, he's not the first super-popular guy to come around and not win the title. Remember Ryback just last year? The WWE threw away millions of dollars not putting the strap on him when he was hot, but the company didn't want to disrupt CM Punk's epic 434-day title reign. Cena spent most of the beginning of 2013 talking about how this would be his year, which was code for him not having to lose the title again quickly once he beat The Rock at Wrestlemania. Of course, things change. Cena has a fairly serious elbow injury. Bryan is really popular. But by the buildup to the match, it looks more likely that Bryan will have a great match, but enjoy a Lex Luger moment. He'll win, but he won't really win. Cena just won the title at WrestleMania. It's not likely that he's going to lose it again so quickly. Vince McMahon, deep down, probably believes its best to keep the title on "The Franchise," rather than give it over to hot trend.

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5: All Matches Involving Divas Will Absolutely Suck

Photo Courtesy of Brie Bella -- Official WWE Universe Facebook

Let's face it. The days of Lita and Trish Stratus are long gone. For some reason, the WWE insists on employing mostly beautiful women to engage in divas wrestling matches. The problem is that most of these women can't wrestle. Women's matches are usually short and consist of a lot of really fake-looking fighting. Fans are supposed to overlook all of this because the women aren't wearing a lot of clothing during these matches. The problem is that 16-year-old boys can see scantily clad women anywhere and aren't really looking at the WWE television to see that kind of stuff. Like it or not, wrestling fans love wrestling. They want to see great matches, great storylines and good work on the microphone. Fans will tolerate the divas matches because everybody needs a bathroom break, or to wind down after that five-star match that happened before it. The current crop of WWE divas is more show than go, and it's been that way for a long time. The WWE needs its own version of a Ronda Rousey character; someone who stands out in the crowd for her off-the-chart wrestling ability, not some hot chick the WWE is attempting to transform into a wrestler.

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4: Rob Van Dam Will Win The U.S. Title

Photo Courtesy Rob Van Dam -- Official WWE Universe Facebook Page

In case you didn't notice, Rob Van Dam is back in the WWE. Once the hottest guy in the sport, holding the WWE and ECW titles simultaneously in 2007, RVD is back for one last run in the WWE. What's changed? Well, he's slowed down and he's a little thicker around the middle. RVD is still, however, a human-highlight reel and super over with the fans. RVD is kind of like that old girlfriend of yours that you catch up with once-in-awhile: safe, comfortable and good for an occasional thrill. His act hasn't changed much over the years, but he has something that some wrestlers never achieve; he's genuinely popular with the fans. He will take on Dean Ambrose for the U.S. Title on the Summerslam preshow. Yes, preshow, because gone are the days of Bret Hart vs. Goldberg feuding for the title in main event storylines on Nitro. The U.S. Title did originate in the NWA so, of course, the WWE has to bury it. Ambrose is a future world champion, but RVD should win the title here. He didn't come back to the WWE for nothing and the WWE will want to give him a title to headline some "B" shows over the next few months. Ambrose doesn't need the strap. He will be on to bigger and better things.

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3: Randy Orton Won't Cash In Money In The Bank

Randy Orton
Photo Courtesy Randy Orton -- Official WWE Universe Facebook Page

There's something really alluring about Randy Orton having that briefcase. It's the idea that the Viper can cash it in and strike at anytime. The WWE doesn't want to lose that kind of energy just yet. John Cena and Daniel Bryan can have a great match and feud without Orton getting involved. The other problem is that everybody expects Orton to cash the briefcase in, which means it won't happen. The best cash-ins are the ones when fans aren't expecting it. It would be a major buzzkill if Bryan wins, only to drop it to Orton 10 seconds later. It just doesn't make sense for Cena to beat Bryan and then lose to Orton. It's possible that Orton will get involved at SummerSlam, but he's not going to cash in his title shot until closer to Royal Rumble, in time for a WrestleMania title shot.

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2: Brock Lesnar Wins

Brock Lesnar
Photo Courtesy Brock Lesnar -- Official WWE Universe Facebook Page

CM Punk beat up Brock Lesnar really bad on Monday Night Raw, so that means Lesnar wins at SummerSlam. That's just how it works. The guy who gets the upperhand on Raw the week before usually pays for it at the Pay-Per-View. This feud is just too good to see Punk win so quickly. It will be much better for Lesnar to win, probably because of a lot of outside interference from Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman, and allowing this great feud to continue. Lesnar truly is a "Beast" and his on-camera charisma and presence is undeniable. He doesn't wrestle every week, but that's OK. When he's there, he's really there. Lesnar and Punk are good friends in real life and the two should trust each other enough to wrestle a classic. Punk respects Lesnar enough to give him the win and then the two could rematch again the following month on Pay-Per-View or somewhere soon down the road. Giving Lesnar the win will also allow Punk to extend his feud with Heyman and see some old-school heel-manager bits on Raw.

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1: CM Punk Vs. Brock Lesnar Will Steal The Show

CM Punk
Photo Courtesy Brock Lesnar -- Official WWE Universe Facebook Page

This is the true main event of the show. These guys trust each other, like to work stiff and are totally over with the fans. Expect magic and fireworks. The L.A. crowd loves "legitimate" wrestlng, so the crowd will take this match to the next level. Throw in Paul Heyman and we have the makings for true, old-school style throw down. Both Punk and Lesnar know how to tell a story. Punk really is the best professional wrestler in the world and if he can get decent matches out of The Rock, he can work a classic with Lesnar, who is still one of the best workers in the business. Lesnar brings that UFC-feel to the show, like you are watching a special athlete who can transcend both sports. Punk brings that Shawn Michaels-feel to the match, like you are watching someone truly special, the best in-ring performer in the game today. With John Cena's elbow injury probably going to hinder him, the Daniel Bryan vs. Cena in-ring match probably won't be great. But "The Beast" vs. "The Best" will be a five-star classic.