Oh The Humanity: United States Championship Match At WWE SummerSlam Bumped To Preshow

By seanlinhares
WWE- Courtesy of Official WWE Facebook Page

Hello there fellow Ranters, and welcome to the first ever edition of Oh The Humanity, right here on RantSports.com!

For those of you new to the series, it’s quite simple and here’s how it works. Each week, I take a different topic throughout the world of professional wrestling and slap it onto the OTH Scale. What is this mythical scale you ask? Well, it’s quite simple you see. It’s just that, a scale from 1 to 10, where a 1 means I’m ok with or agree with whatever topic being discussed, but a 10 makes me scream OH THE HUMANITY!

Got it? Great!

On this first edition of Oh The Humanity, the recent announcement that the United States Championship match will take place on the SummerSlam Preshow rather than the actual show itself.

For those of you who missed Raw this week, you missed Rob Van Dam winning the 20-man over-the-top-rope battle royal. His prize is a shot at Dean Ambrose for Ambrose’s United States Championship at SummerSlam.

Well, kind of.

The bout won’t be contested on the SummerSlam show itself, instead it will be featured on the special hour-long edition of the preshow. The news was met by fans over social media with less then excitement, especially once it was announced that Brie Bella vs. Natalya would be the core reasons the bout was moved off the main card.

With all due respect to both of those women, because they are both talented in their own right, a match born out of a reality TV show has no right being on the second biggest PPV of the year. That’s especially true when it’s put on in favor of a match that has legitimate potential to be great. Plus, both men involved in the now preshow match are two of WWE‘s biggest names competing over what is supposed to be one of the promotions biggest titles.

After all, Dean Ambrose is one of the most talented young wrestlers on WWE’s roster. Many have even gone as far as to claim he is the future of the company thanks to freakish ability to play his character and cut a spectacular promo. Anyone of that star power, especially when they are as relevant as Ambrose and The Shield, not only be on the show, but have a prime spot on it.

His opponent, Rob Van Dam, has been one oft he most popular stars in the WWE since he came to the promotion from ECW. That popularity has only grown since his returned to the company at Money In The Bank, with some of his more passionate fans even going as far to say that some of his matches have already been Match of the Year candidates, despite there only being a handful of them. Much like Ambrose, someone who is so popular in the WWE Universe’s eyes should be featured more heavily on SummerSlam’s card.

Finally, there is the gold that will be what Ambrose and RVD will be fighting over, the U.S Championship. More than anyone else, the bump to the preshow hurts the titles already wavering prestige. It’s an issue that the United States belt has felt before, but perhaps never so blatantly. When a title match featuring two big name superstars gets bumped off of a huge PPV for a divas bout that likely won’t even be half decent and is being built off a reality TV show, well it shows just how much that title means.

Not a whole lot.

OTH Scale Rating: 9.5/10

The decision to bump Ambrose vs. RVD to the preshow for SummerSlam hurts both workers involved, as well as the U.S Title that they’re fighting for. It’s a lose, lose, lose, with perhaps the only tiny bright spot being that this could be the best preshow match of all time.

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