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Top 5 In-Ring Workers In TNA Wrestling Today

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Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling- Courtesy of Official Impact Wrestling Facebook Page

TNA Impact has always billed itself by stating that wrestling matters there, meaning that there are better, longer, more important matches featured on their shows rather than the more story-oriented WWE. Of course, those matches that supposedly mean more can only be as good as the wrestlers competing in them.

While TNA has one of the deepest rosters of any wrestling promotion today, there are of course several stars that top that roster off. They are the best of the best, the few stars that put on a memorable match every time they step out from behind the curtain, insuring that wrestling does indeed matter on Impact.

They put on match of the night after match of the night, main-eventing TV Tapings and PPV shows. These five have launched TNA wrestling into becoming the second-largest and most popular wrestling company in the world, even rivaling the WWE in some ways.

So who are these lucky few that make Impact wrestling what it is?

Well, it's a mixture. Young and old. Tomorrow, today and yesterday. There are big guys, there are high-flyers, and there are everything in between. That's exactly what makes Impact so much fun to watch; as the old X Division slogan used to say, it isn't about weight limits, it's about no limits. Some of these men were with TNA from the company's humble beginnings in 2002, while others have joined in more recent years.

Regardless of their age, weight, or years with TNA, they all share one major quality. They are very, very good workers in the ring.

So without further delay, these are the top five in-ring workers on TNA Impact today, as well as some honorary mentions for those who just missed the cut! Let's get into it!

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5. Bully Ray

Bully Ray- Courtesy of Official Impact Wrestling Facebook page

Already considered to be one of the best talking heels in the business today, Bully Ray's dominance on the stick carries over to inside the squared circle. Everything Bully does comes off as mean and, well, something a bully would do. He truly sells the viewer on the idea of him being nothing more than a simple bad guy, which is something that's really fun to see.

His recent world title match against Chris Sabin has gained plenty of praise, as his expert storytelling and obvious skill shined through once again. When Bully Ray is paired with someone like Sabin, who is an underdog, it's absolutely when he does his best work, as his character fits into the mold magnificently.

Consitantly great matches and the ability to make fans hate him through his wrestling help land Bully Ray at the no. 5 spot.

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4. Magnus

Magnus- Courtesy of Official Impact Wrestling Facebook Page

At just 26 years of age, Magnus could very well be the future of TNA Impact.

He has a simple likability to him that few other stars have, and of course there is the skill that's so apparent.

Magnus is the type of guy that is simply a total package. He can fly with his elbow drop, use his strength and speed with clotheslines, and of course make you tap with the Cloverleaf. It's a skill set few others have, making him one of the funnest wrestlers to watch on Impact. One second he's flying, the next he's running, and the next he's flying again. It's quite honestly amazing to witness.

Thanks to his always entertaining matches and incredibly diverse move set, Magnus lands at no. 4 on our list.

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3. Christopher Daniels

Christopher Daniels- Courtesy of Official Impact Wrestling Facebook Page

There may not be a more entertaining duo in pro wrestling today than Bad Influence. Be it through their backstage antics or in-ring escapades, the team of Kazarian and Christopher Daniels are a blast to watch.

The tandem though, would be nothing if not for Daniels, who recruited Kaz over to his side during his war against A.J. Styles last year. Since then, they've become the funniest, most entertaining part of Impact since Paparazzi Productions were running around.

However, Daniels is more than just an apple-tini and some jokes, he's a phenomenal wrestler and has been since TNA opened it's doors in 2002. He's put on great, amazing matches with everyone that has walked through those same doors and at one point was considered by many to be the best wrestler in the world.

Christopher Daniels is one of the most entertaining acts in wrestling today while also being one of the most skilled. For that, he lands on the no. 3 spot.

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2. Chris Sabin

Chris Sabin- Courtesy of Official Impact Wrestling Facebook page

The current TNA World Heavyweight Champion's recent role has been just a minor showing of what he's been doing his entire career.

Sabin's recent match with Manik has gained some Match of the Year praise from TNA fans, as did his matches against Bully Ray at Destination X and against Manik and Austin Aries from Impact several weeks ago. They're just a small showing of what Sabin brings to the table though, as he's been putting on amazing matches for years now, be it as a singles star or a tag team stud alongside Alex Shelley.

Chris Sabin is one of the founding fathers of the X Division and it shows in how he approaches his matches. He is constantly flying around doing things others simply can't do, despite having two ACL surgeries in recent years.

Those surgeries are part of the reason Sabin lands so high on this list, as he's mastered the art of playing an underdog in his matches. He was always a fun guy to watch, but the increased amount of storytelling in Sabin's matches have pushed the current World Champ to new heights, helping him land at no. 2 on our list.

Hail Sabin!

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1. A.J. Styles

AJ Styles- Courtesy of Official Impact Wrestling Facebook Page

It's only right that the best wrestler in TNA has also been the face of the company since the very beginning.

As well as being the face of Impact since day one, A.J. has arguably been the most talented man in the promotion in that time. His matches with Samoa Joe are the stuff of legend. In fact, his matches are the stuff of legend period, regardless of opponent. They've always been the perfect mixture of speed, high-flying ability, strength and storytelling -- a mixture few wrestlers have managed to create to such perfection.

His recent darker, loner character has helped to create a more direct approach on offense for A.J., something that has worked quite nicely so far. A.J.'s matches now seem more vicious, probably because his character has increased in intensity. For the first time in a long time, A.J. Styles is among the hottest acts on Impact, and it's reflecting in his matches as they're routinely show stealers.

If you wanna talk about the total package when it comes to in-ring ability, look no further than A.J. Styles. He is the absolute definition of excitement, and it's because of this that he is the best worker on TNA's stacked roster today!

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Honorary Mentions

Samoa Joe- Courtesy of Impact Wrestling Facebook page

Samoa Joe

Joe has been with the promotion since it's earlier days, debuting with one of the longest, most memorable winning streaks in wrestling history. It was during that time that he probably did his best work for the promotion, but even today he continues to put on excellent matches whenever he competes.

Bobby Roode

Roode is simply the total package

He has the look, the charisma and oh yeah, some of the best skills in the business today.

... especially when it comes to his in-ring work. His bouts with James Storm are truly the stuff of legend, most notably their Bound For Glory match. Almost every match Roode competes in is more than technically sound, and makes for a clean, crisp viewing experience.

Roode just missed the cut for top five because he needs a bit more of a story behind him to put on a true five-star classic. If there is that story there though, watch out, because Bobby Roode is capable of magical things.

Joseph Park

Wait don't turn off the page, let me explain!

Although not a high-flyer like A.J. Styles, a technically sound stud like Bobby Roode, or even a monster like Samoa Joe, Joe Park gets the job done in the ring for one reason.

He plays his character freakishly well.

Park's goal is to come off as a true newcomer to the business after being a lawyer from Chicago. He supposedly only learned to wrestle a few short months ago, and it's because of that fact that he is supposed to come off as an incredibly green, and not very good wrestler despite having competed for years under the name of Abyss.

He does it so, so well. Despite everyone basically knowing Park is actually Abyss at this point, it's still amazing to see someone who is so talented in the ring portray someone who is so awful in the same area.

Joe Park is simply fun, and that's why he gets an honorary mention.