WWE Superstar Darren Young Coming Out As Gay Could Be Game-Changer

By seanlinhares
Courtesy of Official Darren Young WWE Universe Facebook page

The issue of gay marriage and gay rights is one that is currently ripping through the world, with people taking sides for and against gay men or women having the right to marry. Those in favor of the law may have just won a key battle, as a WWE Superstar has come out as being gay.

TMZ.com is reporting that one half of the Prime Time Players, Darren Young, is gay. The news comes from an interview the site did with Young earlier this week, in which Young states that he is both gay and happy, rocking the wrestling world to its core.

The world of wrestling is one where machismo is a constant and is often praised. Men such as Ric Flair have been applauded for their sexual escapades with other women, but there have sadly been few homosexual athletes to gain the same fame. Young adds his name to a small list of openly gay or bisexual wrestlers to have been employed by the WWE.

The two others?

Former U.S Champion Orlando Jordan, who is bisexual, and current creative team member Pat Patterson, who is gay.

Obviously, being gay is hard in the current world we live in, with the gay community constantly being scrutinized both for and against their cause. Being both gay and a wrestler though, has to be considered even more difficult, as there have only been a small handful of stars who have been open about their sexuality.

Hopefully, this announcement gives other gay wrestlers the courage to come out as well. Who knows, Darren Young’s announcement could be a game-changer in the gay-rights movement currently tearing through the U.S. No matter what though, I support Darren in his announcement and wish him continued happiness.

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