TNA News: Brooke Hogan Gone From TNA is Blessing in Disguise

By Jon Fisher
Image Courtesy of the Official Impact Wrestling Facebook Page

Over the last month, Impact Wrestling has been cutting costs like a failing convenience store. More than five wrestlers were released, along with Bruce Prichard, former talent relations official. That number of officials can go to two as Brooke Hogan was released last night.

Many reasons have been highlighted, but one that I have found to be a majority is due to cutting costs. Wrestling outlets reported on it last night and we already have an update from The Wrestling Observer:

“As noted earlier, Brooke Hogan has been released from TNA Wrestling. There were rumors in both the WWE and TNA locker rooms over the past several days, especially on Thursday and Friday, that she had been released but we weren’t able to confirm it until today when TNA officials officially acknowledged it.

 According to sources, the story making the rounds is that she was let go from the company on Tuesday or Wednesday of this week. TNA officials are saying it’s due to “budget cuts,” but others believe there is more to the story, especially with her father in the position he’s in with the company. Of course, there is always a chance that she’ll return down the line, but as of now, she’s been released.”

Father Hulk Hogan is the key to all of this. He is one of the higher-ups in the Impact Wrestling totem pole and the fact that his daughter was released to budget cuts cannot be good for the business portion of Hogan’s lifestyle. Who would want their daughter fired?

That’s where the report made a lot of sense. Where has Hogan been? Has he continued to stay off television and fight for Brooke’s job behind the scenes? I will give Dixie Carter credit where it is due. She is a very honest owner. Just like at Hardcore Justice, she came out and admitted Kurt Angle was in a rehab facility.

Vince McMahon would never do that in the WWE.

So, Brooke is gone. Someone will have to take over the Knockout Division. She didn’t do that bad of a job with it. Matches like Taryn Terrell and Gail Kim took place because of Brooke. ODB is now wrestling again, thanks to her.

Yes, her TV presence was pitiful and this will truly end up being a blessing in disguise for Impact Wrestling. It’s no secret that TNA has gone down over the past few months. More than that even, the last six months. And it all starts with one name: Hogan.

I believe it is Hulk’s fault the company is not doing as well as it should. His paycheck, according to my personal reports, are ridiculous and don’t warrant someone in his position.

In the end, I don’t want any person’s job to be gone. He or she needs to pay the bills and I understand that. For the sake of Impact Wrestling, one Hogan is gone and the other needs to go to.

The job is one-half done.

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