Rey Mysterio Set To Return Tonight; What Impact Will He Have On WWE?

By Brian Rzeppa
Photo Courtesy of Rey Mysterio – WWE Universe Facebook page

When Rey Mysterio first went down at the hands of Mark Henry, it was expected that he would be back by SummerSlam. That was obviously not the case, and right before that PPV, some wrestling outlets reported that he was shooting for a return in September.

Most fans, like myself, will be very happy to see him back in action, if he does return Friday, as indicated on the Facebook page of the Save Mart Center in Fresno, California, where the WWE will put on a live event.

It isn’t clear what Mysterio’s schedule will be should he return, but there are a few places that he could immediately be thrown into.

The first option would be to team up with Sin Cara once again and try to take down The Shield and capture the tag team titles. The positive about this option is that it could bring more life to the tag team division, and it could also set up a feud down the road between Rey and Sin Cara that could culminate in a match at Wrestlemania 30.

It was rumored that WWE wanted to do that match at this past year’s Wrestlemania, but both wrestlers were out due to injury.

The next option that the WWE could go with is for Mysterio to go after Curtis Axel and his Intercontinental Championship. Axel seems to be directionless at the moment, and though he may be entering a program with CM Punk, it is likely that any rivalry between those two would end at Night of Champions, if that’s what management decides to go with.

After retaining against Punk, Axel would need another challenger for the belt, and who better than a former World Heavyweight Champion? This would give both something to do, and would bring back some relevance to the mid-card title.

The last option for Mysterio’s return would be to go after Albert Del Rio and the World Heavyweight Championship. Del Rio has been claiming to be a savior and a hero for Mexican fans everywhere, so Rey could just step in and prove that he is truly their hero.

It could have been made easier if Ricardo Rodriguez chose Mysterio as his new client rather than Rob Van Dam, but given RVD’s reportedly light workload, there is still a chance that Ricardo could turn on him and then eventually be left without a client. With his past accomplishments, it would be very simple for him to be inserted into title picture right away.

I, for one, am incredibly excited to see the acrobatic ways of Rey Mysterio back in a WWE ring once again, and I look forward to seeing what they have planned for him.

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