Who Are Los Matadores?

By Brian Rzeppa
Photo Courtesy of WWE Planet Facebook Page

I would recommend that you stop reading right now if you don’t want to know the identities of the new bullfighting tag team that is being promoted, Los Matadores.

Well, I’ve warned you, so if you’re still interested, this new tag team consists of two (and eventually three) wrestlers. The two that will debut immediately have been seen before by the WWE Universe. The first time we saw them around, however, we knew them as Primo and Epico.

That’s right, the former WWE Tag Team Champions have been repackaged as bullfighters, and will reportedly be known as Torito and Torlito. This news has to be exciting for fans of the former team, as they haven’t been seen since the June 2nd edition of WWE Superstars, where we saw them lose to Brodus Clay and Tensai.

Prior to their absence, they were both on extended losing streaks, with each of them having around 20 losses in a row. So for their sake, you would have to hope that this new gimmick earns them some kind of a push; because no one, other than maybe 3MB, should be losing 20 matches in a row with the talent that these two have.

Their matches against Sin Cara, as well as The Usos, and the team of Tyson Kidd and Evan Bourne, showed how skilled they were with the luchadore style. At the very least, their matches should be exciting, especially considering the fact that The Usos have gained some credibility as of late.

This group will not just be Primo and Epico with different gimmicks. However, they will be losing their former manager, Rosa Mendes, and gaining another partner known as Mascarita Dorado in the CMLL in Mexico. He will not be joining them right away, as he was just signed to a developmental deal in April, and is still getting accustomed to the WWE style of wrestling.

This is more than likely a good decision, because as we have seen with Sin Cara, it can be a tough adjustment to the slowed down pace of the WWE, and if you aren’t fully ready, injuries can happen. Let’s just hope that they can stay relevant long enough for Dorado to matter whenever he does join the group.

While I don’t see them challenging for the tag-team titles right away, I also don’t see them becoming another comedy act. I look forward to the added dimension that they will add to the added dimension that they will bring to the tag team division, and I’m incredibly interested to see what WWE is going to do with them.

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