WWE: AJ Lee Spoke The Truth On Raw

By Brian Rzeppa
Photo Courtesy of AJ Lee – WWE Universe Facebook Page

It finally happened: something in the Diva’s division was actually relevant to me.

In the second hour of Monday Night Raw, AJ Lee came out after Brie Bella defeated Natalya in a standard Diva’s match, and really just let loose on the each and everyone of the divas in the ring.

If you did not see her speech, I highly suggest that you scour the internet to witness it for yourself.

This was truly the best promo I’ve probably ever seen by a Diva, and AJ was spot on with everything that she said. While some parts of it seemed a bit harsh, there’s no doubting that she was saying what just about every WWE fan was thinking. The Diva’s division has become basically worthless, but she has brought some meaningful exposure to the championship belt just based on how well she plays her character.

I can’t imagine that the WWE, or E! for that matter, enjoyed the bashing of Total Divas that much, but with the popularity that Lee is going to receive from this, there’s no way that they’ll even think of punishing her. With all the backlash that is sure to happen from her fellow Diva’s because of this, though, it may actually result in some interesting television.

I commend AJ for her willingness to say what was on everyone’s mind, and I’m glad that there’s actually something to look forward to coming from the Diva’s division for once.

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