Did Big Show Forget About His Iron-Clad Contract?

By Brian Rzeppa
Photo Courtesy of Big Show – WWE Universe Facebook page

It was the day after Over The Limit in 2012. Big Show had just shocked the world by hitting John Cena with the WMD during his match with GM John Laurinaitis. This was after Laurinaitis had previously fired him, and even made him get down on his knees and beg for his job.

So why, we all wondered, would Big Show help him out?

Well, as we found out the next night on Raw, Laurinaitis had offered him something that no one could pass up: an iron-clad contract. This ensured that Big Show could not be fired from the company for any reason whatsoever. He went on a run of attacking other wrestlers just because he could under the terms of his contract, and showed no mercy on anyone.

So here we are, just over a year later, we see The Shield beating down Daniel Bryan two weeks in a row at the order of Triple H, as well as Randy Orton coming in and finishing him off. These beatings were done in front of the entire roster, just as a sign that no one could step up to Triple H’s authority.

This past week, Big Show seemed incredibly bothered by the actions of the new Corporation, but he opted to just stand there and watch it happen, and he seemingly cowered at the look of HHH. Why is this the case, though? Has he completely forgotten that he can’t be fired with his iron-clad contract?

As I said, it was just over a year ago that he was terrorizing the entire roster because he knew that there would be no repercussions, so why has he decided to stop now, especially when someone needs his help the most? It really just makes no sense, and it kind of seems that WWE is assuming its fans have short memories and just would not realize this gap in the storyline.

That’s not the case, however, as fans are much smarter than to let something like that slide.

You can expect the cheers for Big Show to intervene to get louder and louder when these assaults on Bryan inevitably occur again, and eventually, they’re just going to become too loud to ignore. Someone, possibly another wrestler, will eventually bring up Show’s contract status, and he’ll be convinced to step up to The Shield and Triple H for the good of the entire WWE.

The moment that he does this will be absolutely huge, and will push him into the main event scene immediately. Fighting side-by-side with Bryan will put him in great company, and could eventually lead to a title shot at some point. On top of this, it would strengthen Mark Henry‘s ability to be liked by the fans, as he is Show’s new tag team partner.

After being around and involved in the first coming of the Corporation, it’s time for Big Show to put his iron-clad contract to use and help Daniel Bryan in taking down this new version of it.

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