Ring Ranting Week 1: A Rant Sports Exclusive Interview With Former WWE Star Vito (Part 1)

By Brian Rzeppa
Image courtesy of Vito LoGrasso Twitter @VitoLoGrasso

Welcome to Ring Ranting, where I’ll be interviewing the biggest names in professional wrestling each week so you can get an inside look at wrestling, as well as get caught up with each of your favorite wrestlers.

I had the pleasure of talking with Vito LoGrasso, who was known as Vito in the WWE and in WCW, and Vito “The Skull” LoGrasso in ECW. He was a fan favorite with the Marmalukes in WCW, and was popular with Nunzio as the Full Blooded Italians. I got to know about his wrestling history, as well as what he has planned in the future in part one of our two part interview.

Brian Rzeppa: What was it that first drew you to professional wrestling?

Vito: Well, I was always an athlete, my passion was basketball. I was a great basketball player. I was captain of the basketball team in high school and played at Madison Square Garden. I had some Division 1 offers, but couldn’t accept them because of my grades. So I went to community college and played some football and baseball. I eventually started watching wrestling and thought I could do better than the guys on TV, so I went to a gym and decided that’s what I wanted to do.

You wrestled in Japan early on in your career, what was that experience like?

I like Japan, the Japanese style. It’s more of a wrestling style, you have to be tough. It’s not as much about entertaining the fans. Its kind of like the United States vs. the Japan. I wrestled a couple Olympic wrestlers there, and I was able to handle myself. The one thing I can tell you is, when you go to these different countries, you need to know how to wrestle in their different styles. 

Did you enjoy your time in ECW?

Very much, it was a good tight group of guys. They didn’t care about being in WWE, because we were ECW. Paul Heyman did a great job of making stars out of that group. It was structured well, too. As far as ECW, Paul treated me very well, he never owed me any money. I was sad to leave, but when you get the call to go to the bigs, you go.

When WCW was bought out by Vince McMahon, were you uncertain of your future?

Of course, because you didn’t know what was going to happen. You didn’t know how things were going to be. You had your contract, and they had to pay on the contract, but you want to wrestle, you don’t want to just sit home and collect your contract. 

Can you describe what your time in TNA was like?

A lot of the guys and a lot of the heads of WCW were in TNA, so basically the same concept was translated there. There was a lot of notoriety, and at that time, it just seemed like it was WCW toned down.

When you got into the WWE, you formed a tag team with Nunzio. Had you worked with him in the past at all?

Nope, never worked with him before. I knew him from back home. We became one of the better tag teams in WWE, and if we would’ve gotten a title run, I think we could have been even better. 

Did you prefer working tag team matches, or singles matches?

I wrestle every kind of match. I just loved wrestling.

How much of a say did you have when your character began wearing a dress?

They came up with an idea, and I did it. I was broken into the business the right way, so I knew that if a character was going to work, you had to really live it. If you’re secure with who you are, you’ll make it work.

This was part one of my two part interview with Vito, so stayed tuned for part two, where you will get to find out more about his time in WWE, what he thinks of WWE today, as well as what he is currently doing.

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