WWE Needs To Bring Back The Cruiserweight Championship

By Brian Rzeppa
Photo Courtesy of Chris Jericho – WWE Universe Facebook page

It’s pretty unbelievable to think that we’re coming up on six years that the Crusierweight Championship has been defunct. It was on the September 25, 2007 edition of Smackdown! that General Manager Vickie Guerrero decided to retire the belt as part of an angle with Hornswoggle and Vince McMahon. Is that really what we want to be the last memory of a once great championship? Do we really want Hornswoggle as the last champion?

I certainly don’t, and that’s not the even the only reason. Let’s start there, though. With a belt that has past winners such as Rey MysterioChris JerichoEddie Guerrero and X-Pac, there’s absolutely no excuse for the last winner to be a comedy act such as Hornswoggle. No offense to him, but he doesn’t exactly have the in-ring ability of any of the names mentioned. Prior to him winning the belt, it was held by Chavo Guerrero for about five months, and before that it was Gregory Helms‘ for over a year, so it’s not like the belt was incredibly devalued like the current mid-card titles have been. There was still some prestige to hold the Cruiserweight Title, but with Hornswoggle winning, that took it away.

Since it’s been gone for so long, however, that title reign isn’t very fresh in most fans’ memories, so the title could easily be built back up. Another issue in the WWE that makes this move necessary is the amount of underutilized talent that is currently on the roster; especially talent that would fit within the requirements of the Cruiserweight division.

The prior requirement for the belt was that you had to be 215 pounds or less (with a couple pounds of variance), so the wrestlers that would qualify would be: Evan BourneEpico (name change pending), Heath SlaterHornswoggle (ugh), HunicoJustin GabrielPrimo (name change pending), Rey MysterioSeth RollinsSin CaraTyson Kidd and Yoshi Tatsu.

With all of these talented wrestlers, along with prospects from NXT like Adrian NevilleSami ZaynXavier Woods and possible additions Mascara Dorado and Prince Devitt, this new division could easily reach new heights. Given the way that WWE directs a lot of it’s broadcasting towards children, this high-flying division would surely be a hit.

This revival of the division would give so many wrestlers a spot on TV that they previously would not have had, and it would certainly be well deserved in most cases. It’s not like there would be a problem finding time for it, either, as the seven hours a week of WWE programming is more than enough time to squeeze in a few cruiserweight matches.

With the depth of this roster, too, there would be many opportunities for different kinds of matches; like the Cruiserweight Open that we saw at Wrestlemania 20. These types of matches can create fan favorites in a short amount of time just because of the incredible moves that can happen when athletes of this caliber are in the ring.

There’s no doubt that bringing the Cruiserweight Championship back would add a whole new dynamic to the WWE, and I think it’s just a matter of time before McMahon & Co. come to their senses and give the people what they want.

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