Who Is Going To Win The 2013 Bound For Glory Series?

By Brian Rzeppa
Photo Courtesy of Impact Wrestling Facebook page

The Bound For Glory Series is definitely the best thing that TNA (or Impact Wrestling, if you prefer) has going for it. The excitement and competition that comes out of the 12 wrestlers competing for a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship is just unmatched by mostly anything that you’ll see in all of professional wrestling.

For those who have not seen it, or do not understand the scoring, it is pretty simple. 10 points are given for a submission victory, seven points for a pinfall victory, five for a countout victory, three for a DQ victory, two points for a draw and minus 10 points for a DQ loss. Along with the standard scoring, there are also special matches that can be worth up to 25 points. For example, on the Aug. 15 edition of Impact, Bobby Roode, Kazarian and Joseph Park all won specialty matches that gained them 20 points. Now, back to the task at hand.

This series gives many wrestlers that we wouldn’t see featured too heavily the opportunity to shine and make a run at the company’s most prestigious title. The winners in the past, Roode and James Storm, were already pretty established stars at the time of winning, but new (or relatively new) superstars like GunnerCrimson and Robbie E all had a chance to be noticed throughout the months of the series.

This year, it has been 26-year-old Magnus who has been the leader throughout a majority of the series, but he is not without stiff competition (as seen in the picture above). He has 39 points, but he has been around that number for quite some time, which has allowed the rest of the competition to gain some ground. Given the point totals of the winners from previous years (Roode with 59 and Storm with 73), this race is still far from over.

Much like last year, the top four on Sept. 12 will face off at No Surrender in a mini-tournament to decide the winner, so all one have to do is get in that top four within the next two weeks if they’re in this series. This also makes it easier on me, for the time being, as I can just cut the field down to four, and then work my way toward an ultimate winner.

Right off the bat, you have to include the top two, Magnus and Roode, just because of how well they have fared in the series thus far. There’s not going to be anyone that stops them before Sept. 12. To fill the final two spots, it will be the recently turned A.J. Styles, as well as TNA mainstay Austin Aries.

With the way that the points are currently set, that would leave Magnus to face off against Styles in the first round, along with Roode versus Aries on the other side. For me, that is an incredibly appealing set of matches, and there’s really not a better four that could be chosen out of the 12 total.

In that round, I would expect Styles to pull off the “upset” (since he is the four seed, and Magnus is the one), and advance to the finals. The other side is a bit tougher to pick, but I think that Roode will eventually come out on top and look to win his second Bound For Glory Series.

Or will he? Not so fast, Roode. He will be stopped dead in his tracks in this pursuit, and will be defeated by “The Phenomenal One,” Styles.

Given his recent face turn and joining of the Main Event Mafia, TNA is going to want as much hype and momentum going into Bound For Glory as possible, and this would certainly accomplish that. Styles has been from TNA right from the start, and as we saw when Chris Sabin took the title, the crowd would absolutely go nuts if another TNA original took the title. Plus, given Styles’ reported contract dispute, this would only serve to make him happier in the short, and long term.

While I can’t predict who will win in the matchup of Bully Ray and Styles for the title, I can guarantee that it will be one heck of a match that will certainly not disappoint.

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