Antonio Cesaro Is The Most Underutilized Talent In WWE

By Brian Rzeppa
Photo Courtesy of Antonio Cesaro – WWE Universe Facebook page

It doesn’t matter what role he is in — from yodeling to being part of the Real AmericansAntonio Cesaro is bound to put on a world class match with anyone he is put in the ring with.

He was rewarded with this in-ring ability when he won the United States Championship at SummerSlam in 2012, and he wound up carrying the title for 239 days, which was the longest run since M.V.P. in 2007.

Since that time, unfortunately, WWE has decided to turn him into a joke. He was losing even when he held the U.S. Championship, and now that he doesn’t possess it, things have gotten even worse. He loses on a weekly basis to talent that is clearly below him such as Darren Young. 

There is absolutely no reason to be doing this, as Cesaro is the best in-ring competitor in WWE, bar none. His match with Daniel Bryan on a recent edition of Raw was just spectacular, and really showcased his abilities on a grand scale.

In a show that much few people see, NXT, Cesaro took on highly-touted prospect Sami Zayn (formerly El Generico for fans of the independent scene) in a best two out of three falls match. This really put both wrestlers’ abilities on display, and it showed that Cesaro could put on a good match with wrestlers of any type — whether it be high-flyers, or power-minded.

This versatility is one of the reasons who Cesaro is so elite. His ability to put on a good match with anyone is a rare quality, and he is not someone that needs another solid wrestler to bring out a good match.

His feats of strength have been touched on a bit in WWE, but not as much as they should be. When he was in Ring of Honor, he was known for his incredible moves that he could do just based off of his brute power. His U.F.O. finisher that he used there is one of the more impressive moves that you’ll see in all of professional wrestling, and I think it’s only a matter of time before he shows it to the entire WWE Universe.

It does not stop at power with him, however. He is one of the more refined technical wrestlers as well, and he possesses tons of submission holds in his repertoire. This combination of power and technicality comes in when he uses a sleeper hold to set up the Neutralizer.

As we know, though, WWE is not just a wrestling business, and it’s not necessarily the best wrestlers that grab the top spots in the company. You have to be an interesting character if you’re going to make it, and that simply isn’t Cesaro at this point in time. He is stuck with Jack Swagger, and there is absolutely no room for him to move up the card as part of this tag team.

They are currently being used to put the Prime Time Players over right now, and it just doesn’t seem as if they’ll be able to slow down their momentum. Zeb Colter, for as great of a talker as he is, has almost become repetitive on the mic because of the lack of direction that WWE has given them. It’s just too bad, because that’s yet another person robbed out of possible stardom because of under-utilization.

Realistically, what WWE should do to help revive Cesaro’s career is get him out of the Real Americans as quickly as possible, because it is just an absolute drain on him. If given the right guidance as a character along with a solid push, Cesaro could easily be competing for the World Heavyweight Championship in no time.

You have to hope that WWE doesn’t screw up a wrestler as good as Antonio Cesaro, but at this time, they obviously are. Cesaro deserves to be in the main event with his talent, and if WWE gets their act together, it’s only a matter of time before he is.

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