Why Does WWE Continue To Have Damien Sandow Lose?

Photo Courtesy of Damien Sandow – WWE Universe

It was assumed that when Damien Sandow won the Money In The Bank briefcase for the World Heavyweight Championship, he’d be given some considerable momentum to make him look like a credible threat to Alberto Del Rio, or whoever was champion when he decided to cash in.

Unfortunately, that has not been the case, as Sandow has been losing constantly on just about every form of WWE programming. He didn’t even make an appearance on RAW this week, lost on Main Event to R-Truth and (SPOILER) didn’t even appear on SmackDown this week.

So if you’re keep score at home, that’s two no-shows, and one loss for a guy that we’re supposed to believe is a main event player. This just seems to be irresponsible on the part of WWE, as any momentum that he gained from winning the briefcase has been killed by the way he has been used.

You would’ve thought that it was actually Cody Rhodes who won the briefcase, just because of all the high-quality matches he has been in over the past few weeks, and because of the fact that he was regularly defeating Sandow. It was assumed that they would eventually face off for the briefcase, but that never happened.

The only conceivable reason that I can come up with for this booking relates to the “firing” of Cody Rhodes this past Monday on RAW. He was fired after to he lost to Randy Orton and he was put in that place because he “gave advice” to Triple H, and also that he “didn’t invite him to his wedding.” We all know that this firing is far from permanent, so we can expect that Rhodes will come back with a bone to pick with HHH.

Given Sandow’s history with Rhodes, it would be a perfect way to get him involved in the current Corporation angle that seems to be growing each week. This could result in Triple H “hand picking” Sandow as World Heavyweight Champion, much as he did with Orton, just because it would be good for business.

Regardless of whether it’s this plan, or something completely different, one thing that’s for sure is that Damien Sandow needs to start winning to be considered a credible championship threat, or else the Heavyweight title will be even more devalued if and when he wins it.

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