Ricardo Rodriguez Will Turn On RVD

By Brian Rzeppa
Photo Courtesy of WWE Planet Facebook page

Even in the world of spoilers and dirt sheets, mostly everyone was surprised when Ricardo Rodriguez revealed his new client to be “Mr. Monday Night” Rob Van Dam a few weeks ago. The pairing seemed odd to say the least, and it still does to me.

Putting these two together really didn’t make all that much sense other than the fact that Rodriguez’s former client, Alberto Del Rio, had attacked him, and that Van Dam wanted a chance at the World Heavyweight Championship, I guess WWE figured that the phrase “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” made sense enough to put them together, so that’s what they did.

I don’t see this as a team that is going to last very long, however. I think that WWE will find its way out of it at Night of Champions, where Van Dam is taking on Del Rio for the heavyweight title. It’s likely that we’ll see Rodriguez turn on his newest client and come back to Del Rio, but I don’t think that will be a permanent move, either.

Ultimately, Del Rio will assault Rodriguez yet again, and he’ll once again decide that is enough is enough, and he’ll find himself  a new client. This one will make a ton more sense than the choice of Van Dam though. So who may I be talking about, you ask?

Rey Mysterio. He was originally aiming to return by SummerSlam, but that obviously didn’t happen, and now he is reportedly set to return to WWE TV at any time within the next couple of weeks. Once he gets back, he’ll need something to do, and rather than have him enter some kind of feud with Sin Cara that would probably be a waste of everyone’s time, he could be inserted into the championship picture and re-energize the title.

Everyone from young kids to lifelong fans of the WWE seems to enjoy Mysterio and his high-flying ways, so the entertainment value that he brings could hopefully rub off on Del Rio, who has been categorized as “boring” throughout the past few months, if not years.

Putting Mysterio and Rodriguez together would be pretty simple, really, as Del Rio has been going on about he is a hero to the people of Mexico. Rey and Ricardo would easily be able to counter this and say that they are. Even if that duo doesn’t end up coming together, there’s no way that Ricardo is going to be with RVD following Night of Champions, and you can book that.

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