Daniel Bryan Should Not Defeat Randy Orton At Night Of Champions

By Brian Rzeppa
Photo Courtesy of WWE Facebook page

For a few weeks in a row, each edition of Monday Night Raw has been essentially the same thing. Triple H continues his attempts to control the locker room even more, someone speaks up against him, and they get put in matches with terrible conditions (Cody Rhodes with his job on the line, Dolph Ziggler versus all of The Shield).

Along with this happening, Daniel Bryan continues his fight against him and the rest of The Corporation, and it’s continued to be a losing battle.

On this week’s episode of Raw — and SmackDown, too, the night ended with WWE Champion Randy Orton standing tall over Bryan, and asserting his dominance to the all of the wrestlers on the roster. Given the fact that Bryan has been getting beaten down so often, it has lead many people to think that he will, or at least should, take the title from Orton at the Night of Champions pay-per-view later this month.

To quote Triple H, this decision “would not be good for business”.

This feud started just about a month or so ago at SummerSlam, and people are already calling for a conclusion to it, which is what Bryan winning the title would accomplish. This has the potential to be one of the better, more drawn-out storylines that the WWE has had recently, and there’s no reason to put an end to it now by having Bryan win.

If he continues to get beat down like he has over the past few weeks, this will get the crowd even more behind him than they already are (if that’s even possible), and it will also help Orton and Triple H start to get more heat. This would set up Bryan to be a massive underdog heading into a major PPV like Survivor Series, and if he won there, the roof of the building might literally blow off from how loud the crowd would get.

Like with many other things in this world, people just seem to have no patience with wrestling storylines anymore. Feuds used to last months, or even spanned over the course of a year or two; but it seems that now people want them to be over and done with just as they finally get rolling. It’s not fair to criticize WWE’s creative team when their fan base loses interest in the stories so fast.

What we as fans need to do is just sit back and watch the drama unfold. To get that started, we need to be hoping that Randy Orton comes out on top at Night of Champions.

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