Big Show Needs To Stop Crying

By Brian Rzeppa
Photo Courtesy of Big Show – WWE Universe Facebook page

Big Show has long been touted as one of the most unstoppable forces in WWE, as well as being a fearless giant who no one could boss around. Over the past few years, that has certainly changed.

A couple years ago, it started with then-GM John Laurinaitis making him beg for his job in front of the entire crowd, and he got down to his knees and cried into the middle of the ring. Fast forward to now, where Stephanie McMahon and Triple H are threatening his place in the company if he doesn’t do everything that they tell them to.

McMahon went on to describe how Big Show is “broke” and that he “had to think of his family.” Of course, this all eventually made him break down in the ring and cry.

In what world is it a good idea to make the biggest person on the entire roster cry fairly regularly? I know that this is all supposed to make Triple H look like a ruthless dictator who will stop at no costs to get what he wants, but in the process of doing this, they’re making one of the more intimidating presences on the roster look incredibly weak.

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to have a hard time cheering for someone who’s so easily rattled by any authority figure. I think that it’s about time that WWE figures out what they’re going to do with Big Show.

There’s one of two options. In option one, Big Show will eventually stand up to The Corporation and help Daniel Bryan in his fight. In the second, he will continue doing the dirty work just for the sake of keeping his job, and in the process, it will make him look incredibly gutless to the fans.

Realistically, I think the smartest option is for him to go with the former. In that case, Big Show will get a huge pop for whenever he lays out Triple H with the WMD, and he’ll instantly become a crowd favorite. There is one catch to that, though. They need to do this quick, because like I said, if he continues to cry on every episode of RAW, I have a feeling people are going to have a hard time rooting for him.

To be honest, though, I’ll take either of those two options, or even one that I haven’t thought of, if it means that he’ll just stop crying.

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