Randy Orton Is Not The Future Of WWE

By Damian Seeto
Randy Orton Still On Top
Image from Randy Orton WWE Universe – Facebook

Randy Orton is the current WWE Champion and has been called the “future” of the WWE. This statement seems wrong as Orton has been in the company for 11 years now.

When Orton debuted back in the year 2002, he was young and hungry to climb at the top of the ladder. Despite a niggling shoulder injury he suffered early on in his career, he managed to bounce back and was a member of Evolution. His rise to the top was fast as he became the youngest World Champion in WWE history at the age of only 24.

Three years later, Orton was WWE Champion and Vince McMahon called him the future of the company. Since that time, Orton has been a huge part of the company and has been World Champion 10 times already. This is impressive since he’s still only 33-years old.

Still, I have a problem with the current storyline of Triple H pushing Orton as the “future”. I’ve seen Orton as champion many times before, and it’s starting to get boring. Not to mention John Cena was champion prior to him much like in the year 2007. In my eyes, we are just reliving 2007 and 2009 all over again when Orton and Cena were champions.

I have nothing against Orton, but I feel someone different would have benefited more from the current push Orton has been receiving. Ryback, for example, had loads of momentum last year, but now he’s just an afterthought. Dolph Ziggler is another wrestler that should have been a main event star by now, but he’s always been shafted for other people.

Hopefully Daniel Bryan can step up and become champion very soon. With Cena out from an injury, it’s now the best time for him to grace the limelight.

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