Should Fandango Turn Babyface?

By Damian Seeto
Fandango In Action
Image from Fandango – WWE Universe Facebook

Fandango has been a heel ever since he debuted earlier this year. Would it be more beneficial for him to be a babyface now?

Fandango’s dancing gimmick was going to be either a hit or a miss. When he debuted, many people were confused because he never actually wrestled in a match. Fans immediately started to boo him and chanted things like “you can’t wrestle”.

It wasn’t until he faced Chris Jericho at WrestleMania 29 did he become popular. He showed to the world that he could wrestle, and even beat Jericho fair and square. He became so hot, his theme music was downloaded so many times in the UK that it nearly made the Top 40 charts.

As the months went on, his gimmick and popularity started to wane. He wasn’t losing too much momentum, although he wasn’t as hot as he was the night after WrestleMania 29. It wasn’t until he appeared on Raw this week did I notice that fans still love him. The Canadian crowd loved his appearance when he distracted The Miz. This is funny because The Miz is supposed to be the babyface.

This got me thinking that Fandango might be better suited as a babyface. The fans love him and they also love his dancer Summer Rae as well. Not to mention, his theme music is really catchy and fun to hum along to.

If WWE wanted to shake things up, Fandango could be a very popular babyface. He is obviously more popular than other so-called babyfaces right now.

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