WWE Would Strike Gold With Christian and Rob Van Dam Tag Team

By Ronnie Valliere
Christian vs Dean Ambrose
Photo Courtesy of Christian’s Facebook Page

The WWE tag team division lacks depth and veteran presence. The division is inhabited by inexperienced teams and teams that aren’t clicking. I think there is a team that could be formed which would inject much needed life into the division, and, at the same time, make the other teams in the division better. I believe that tag team combination is Christian and Rob Van Dam. They are both veteran tag team wrestlers who have been successful with many different partners. Despite neither being in a regular tag team for quite some time, I feel that it wouldn’t take long before they were operating like a well oiled machine. The pairing would make perfect sense.

The new team of Christian and RVD would provide the veteran leadership that is desperately needed in the tag team division. I believe the team could become a measuring stick that could help motivate the younger teams to develop and get better. A veteran combination with their track records couldn’t help but make the other teams shine.

Christian and RVD would also provide the tag team division with a much needed main event caliber baby face team to challenge the heel teams of the Shield and the Wyatt Family. WWE has tried to build the Usos as an elite baby face team to no avail. Putting Christian and RVD together would allow the Usos to continue to develop, without the added pressure of trying to be a main event tag team before they are ready.

I’m hoping WWE discovers this hidden tag team  treasure that is Christian and RVD. I think the intangibles this team would bring to the tag team division would be invaluable. I grew up on great tag team wrestling in the 80’s, and would love to see it thrive once again. Christian and RVD could be the key that unlocks the door to great tag team wrestling in WWE.

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