WWE: Undertaker Rising Again?


Image courtesy of Undertaker WWE Universe Facebook Page

The Undertaker is probably the greatest wrestler in WWE history, and his undefeated streak of 21-0 at Wrestlemania speaks to it. But ever since he got laid out by the Shield on Smackdown in April, he has disappeared. Where is he know, and when will he appear? Maybe sooner than we think.

Recent news this week via wrestlezone.com suggests that “The Undertaker joined wife and former WWE Diva Michelle McCool at the new Performance Center this week. Taker was said to be working out in the ring a little, while also giving pointers to some of the young talent.”

It’s great to hear that the deadman is back in the ring, which could also mean he is most likely to return later this year.

I understand that he has to take things a little easier at 48-years old and at this stage of his career. But to possibly wait until next years’ Wrestlemania for Taker to appear again is too much, especially with the storylines going on right now. Taker has yet get revenge on the Shield, his brother Kane has been taken away by the Wyatt Family, which all leaves a great opportunity for Taker to make his claim that the ring is still his yard.

I’m a big fan of his, but he has appeared sparingly in recent years, which could be a sign that the end of his career is near. But, the WWE is really passing up a great opportunity to blend in the new era with the old one, especially as Survivor Series nears.

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  • Ms Zee

    This would be a perfect opportunity to bring him back in his Western Mortician gimmick with the purple gloves, hat, trench coat and purple padded black boots. He is definitely on the verge of retirement. So, leaving with an all out BANG as the original Dead man would be the perfect way to give his WWE fans closure

    • WolaOdeniran


  • Ms Zee

    ‘Honestly, I’d rather have the Undertaker stay out and recover a little longer, so that by the time he does return, he’ll be all jacked up like we haven’t seen him since his mid-90s run with most of his hair fully grown back!

    • WolaOdeniran

      True good point.

  • ty

    i want the american bad ass

    • WolaOdeniran

      It’s a cool gimmick, but I’m not sure the WWE will go that route. Probably not at this stage in his career.