Hulk Hogan And Sting Still Popular Among WWE Fans

Sting in WCW

Image from Sting (Steve Borden) – Facebook

Hulk Hogan and Sting are currently wrestling for TNA, but this doesn’t stop them from being loved by WWE fans.

During the Night of Champions PPV, fans had a chance to vote for their favorite United States and WWE Champions of all time. Surprisingly, Sting and Hogan won the respective polls even though they’re not current WWE wrestlers. What’s even more amazing is that Sting has never worked for Vince McMahon in his entire life.

Hogan being chosen as the best WWE Champion of all time was shocking too. He managed to beat out the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin, John Cena, CM Punk and Triple H. I guess this tells us that WWE fans still love the old-school wrestlers more than anyone else.

The only sad part about this is that it’s very unlikely that either of them will return to the WWE soon. Hogan has lots of power in TNA and is paid handsomely. Not to mention, TNA’s schedule isn’t as hectic as the WWE’s as they don’t have to travel too often. Sting, on the other hand, doesn’t trust McMahon and always feared he’d never be pushed correctly in the WWE.

This is unfortunate considering WrestleMania XXX is just around the corner. Hogan was responsible for making WrestleMania popular in the first place back in the ’80s. As for the fans, they miss out on a dream match between the Undertaker and Sting. This is a match that has been fantasized for many years, but sadly won’t become a reality.

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  • jakecole2012

    “Sting, on the other hand, doesn’t trust McMahon and always feared he’d never be pushed correctly in the WWE”

    are you really this dumb? did you not see a few months ago when there was a report that he sent feelers to the wwe about joining them next year? he even said himself he doesnt ahave an issue with mcmahon and plus also triple h is the main one who wants to bring in sting cause he knows how valueable sting is to the wrestling business.i mean my goodness do better research next time before you put up bullshit on your site

    • Farva55

      You are still wrong.

      • jakecole2012

        n**** shut the f*** up you know deep down inside im telling the truth out to everybody im done with this corny website.this site is a joke just like the writers and the members who comes towards this site just like you and the fred nichols a**h*** in here i got nothing to prove anymore.i rather go to offical sites like the wrestling observer where they pretty much are more credible than this corny a** fake wrestlezone wanna be site.good luck with your “wrestling news”

        • Farva55

          Clearly, you haven’t taken your meds yet. It’s okay, I understand.

          You do know wrestling is fake right?

  • Fred Nichols

    Jakecole2012, Goober, where did you get that info, on another internet site correct? I have heard Sting say, more than once, that he would not work for Vince because he didn’t like the adult content or he had concern over how he’d be booked. So let’s all start speculating about stuff we get off the internet from other people’s “sources”. Calling him dumb just proves how ignorant & annoying you damn “smart fans” are. The only knowledge you have, is what others give you. Stop pretending you have inside wrestling info. It makes you look like a Booger Eater :)

    • jakecole2012

      Really? are you just f****** stupid?. I’ll show you the proof when he said he has interest in wwe,even Dave meltzer said it himself and meltzer is one of the best pro wrestling sources i nevet heard sting say he wouldnt work with wwe and please show me proof that sting said he wouldn’t work for vince?. If you show me proof, I’ll shut up cause unlike you,I can show you proof to your face.this is fun for me to make people like you feel really stupid.this is nothing to me

      • Farva55

        You are wrong. Also, take your meds. No one likes a B****.