WWE Night of Champions Crowns Only One New Winner

By Damian Seeto
Daniel Bryan WWE Champion
Image from Daniel Bryan – WWE Universe Facebook

Night of Champions 2013 has concluded and most of the champions managed to retain their titles — in fact, all of them except for Randy Orton.

The main event for the evening was the highly-anticipated encounter between Orton and Daniel Bryan for the WWE Title. Bryan was seeking revenge after Orton and Triple H screwed him of the title just a month earlier at SummerSlam. Needless to say, Bryan got the job done and managed to beat Orton for the title.

It wasn’t without controversy, however. It appeared the referee did a “fast count”, which didn’t give Orton enough time to kick out. I predict Triple H will talk about this on Raw.

Every other match on the card didn’t crown any new champions. The night started off with Curtis Axel beating Kofi Kingston to keep the Intercontinental Championship. AJ Lee defended her Divas title against Naomi, Natalya and Brie Bella.

The worst finish of the night was the match between Alberto Del Rio vs. RVD. It was an entertaining match that ended up being ruined when Del Rio intentionally got himself disqualified when he did not let go of RVD’s arm. This means Del Rio remains World Heavyweight Champion for the time being.

The other two matches involved The Shield. It appears Dolph Ziggler is still being punished by WWE as he lost easily to Dean Ambrose. A good match overall, but nothing too special. Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins managed to beat the white-hot team of the Prime Time Players. Both Darren Young and Titus O’Neill looked great out there. I hope they become tag team champions really soon.

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