Big Show Regretfully Knocks Out WWE Legend Dusty Rhodes on Raw

By danielcarney
Image courtesy of Official Big Show WWE Universe Facebook

The aftermath of Cody Rhodes‘ kayfabe firing continued on latest edition of Monday Night Raw. Just a week after Cody’s real life half brother Dustin Runnels (aka Goldust) lost in a match to then-WWE champion Randy Orton in an attempt to get him his job back, it was nothing but incredible seeing Cody’s father Dusty Rhodes in the ring once again.

Rhodes was brought to Raw to speak about Cody’s firing and how it wasn’t what is best for business like Triple H proclaimed. After Dusty had an exceptional segment alone in the ring, Stephanie McMahon came out and gave him an opportunity to give a job back to either Cody or Dustin.

Dusty ultimately did not give an answer to her proposal, and the two got into a verbal altercation. Because Stephanie felt disrespected by Dusty, she called over the microphone for The Shield to come out. The Shield’s music hit and Dusty was alone in the ring, wondering what he would have to do next.

As the Shield surrounded the ring, Stephanie told him it would be unfair for them to assault Dusty because nobody is with him. So what does she do? She calls out The Big Show from the locker room, but not to fight with Dusty. After recently being forced to use his WMD on Daniel Bryan, he now had to do the same — but this time on a 68 year old legend.

After Big Show refused to KO him, Steph told the Shield to attack Dusty. But then Big Show told the Shield to back off and was forced again to do something he did not want to do. Show, with tears in his eyes (no surprise there folks), told Dusty he had to do it and then … pop. Dusty was knocked out by Big Show’s massive punch.

Show looked horrified after he finished the deed. Dusty was later seen leaving the arena with Big Show in an ambulance. It was a great segment, especially for Dusty. He sold Big Show’s punch like a boss. Kudos to Dusty on a very solid job on Raw in a surprise appearance.

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