WWE: Ryback Is Perfect With Paul Heyman

By Damian Seeto
Ryback in Action
Image from Ryback – WWE Universe Facebook

Paul Heyman scored himself a huge ally with Ryback now a part of his stable. This will fill the void nicely until Brock Lesnar returns early next year.

Lesnar only works part-time, so Heyman was stuck with only Curtis Axel on his side. Since Heyman broke up with CM Punk earlier this year, Axel didn’t seem like a strong ally all by himself. Now, Heyman has a “huge” backup with Ryback on his side.

It makes sense for Ryback to ally with Heyman and feud with Punk as well. Ryback hadn’t been booked in any storylines ever since he unsuccessfully fought John Cena for the WWE Title. After a brief feud with Chris Jericho, Ryback had been doing nothing other than bullying people backstage.

It is also fitting that Ryback is likely to feud with Punk once again. Punk “cheated” Ryback out of the WWE Title many times last year. Punk always used The Shield and even Brad Maddox to help him keep the WWE Title. Ryback could highlight the fact that this is the reason he hates Punk and why he has aligned with Heyman.

Another great thing about Ryback is that he has more screen presence than Axel does. Axel looks and wrestles like an average guy, and he didn’t seem like an exciting wrestler for Punk to feud with. Punk vs. Ryback seems more like a main event type of match. Hopefully, they can feud for the next few months and create some memorable moments.

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