Will Hulk Hogan Stay Or Leave TNA?

By Damian Seeto
Hulk Hogan With Hogan
Image from Hulk Hogan Official Facebook

Hulk Hogan‘s contract with TNA Wrestling is about to expire in just a couple of weeks. Does he want to stay, or will the company itself choose not to re-sign him?

When Hogan first announced he signed with TNA, it was supposed to garner more interest in the product. Both Hogan and TNA thought they could challenge the WWE much like WCW did back in the ’90s. Hogan (along with Eric Bischoff) made a lot of changes to the product that ultimately failed their inflated expectations.

First off, they turned the six-sided ring back to the traditional four sides. The hexagonal ring was something unique to TNA, but Hogan thought it “disrespected” old-school wrestling. Because of this change, TNA lost one unique thing it had.

Another blunder was that Hogan decided to tackle the WWE head-on by moving the Impact TV show to Monday nights. Again, this is the same thing WCW Nitro did to combat Raw. This failed big-time, and TNA reverted back to Thursday nights.

The biggest blunder Hogan and Bischoff did was decide to make TNA go “on the road”. This cost the company a lot of money because travelling to different cities every week isn’t cheap. They saved lots more money taping shows in one location and travelling only every few months or so. TNA has had to let go of lots of wrestlers as a result of this bad idea.

Because of the mistakes Hogan and Bischoff have made, it wouldn’t surprise me if TNA decides to let them both go. I’m not sure what Bischoff will do, but I’m sure Hogan will try his best to get back in the WWE. After all, WrestleMania XXX looms in the horizon.

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