Can Rey Mysterio Wrestle For Much Longer?

By Damian Seeto
Image from Rey Mysterio – WWE Universe Facebook

Rey Mysterio is expected to return to in-ring action in October during WWE‘s tour of Mexico. Does Mysterio’s body have what it takes to go the distance?

Mysterio has been out from a knee injury for eight long months and has had surgery. He’s been suffering from multiple injuries over the past four years or so, and has had to take time off more than anyone else on the current WWE roster. When he does return, will he be ready to endure a full-time wrestling schedule again?

Mysterio is a high-flyer and has been wrestling at a fast pace ever since he laced up his boot in Mexico. Mexican style wrestling is fast-paced and exciting, but there are more risks involved and injuries do happen. When Mysterio wrestled in WCW, he continued wrestling at a frantic pace as the company had an exciting cruiserweight division. It wasn’t until he joined the WWE in 2002 did he try and slow down.

For many years, Mysterio was wrestling pretty well and became a popular name in WWE. Sadly though, it appears all of the years of jumping off the top rope has taken a toll on Mysterio’s body, and he’s suffered from so many injuries over the years. How much longer can his knees last if he continues wrestling?

It would be beneficial if Mysterio wrestled on a part-time basis instead. Rob Van Dam wrestle part-time as he only needs to work for 90 days at a time. Chris Jericho routinely takes time off to rest his body and to focus on his band Fozzy. Hopefully Mysterio can stay healthy, or else he might have to retire if he gets injured yet again.

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