WWE: Does Anyone Notice That Sheamus Is Inujured?

By Damian Seeto
Sheamus In Action
Image from Sheamus – WWE Universe Facebook

Sheamus has been injured recovering from a shoulder injury, but does anyone notice his absence?

Sheamus was the groomed to be the no. 2 babyface of the company last year behind John Cena. He held the World Heavyweight Championship for a good six months until he lost it to the Big Show late last year. Since that time, Sheamus hasn’t really been booked in any memorable feuds.

The last feuds that I remember he was involved in were against The Shield and Mark Henry. He didn’t really do anything since then until he got injured after the Money in the Bank PPV back in July.

Sheamus has never been the “top” guy according to most fans. Since the rise in popularity of CM Punk and Daniel Bryan, fans have shown that they simply don’t really care for Sheamus. His babyface run resembles that of The Miz, as fans don’t really want to cheer for him.

Sheamus is said to be out of in-ring action for a maximum of six months. It’s said that the WWE plans for him to return for next year’s Royal Rumble PPV. This might be bad timing because Cena is injured too and might be back by the time the Royal Rumble comes around as well.

Even after Sheamus comes back, what is WWE going to do with him? Will they turn him back into a heel, or will he feud for the World Heavyweight Championship once again? By the time he comes back, Damien Sandow could be champion …

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