Santino's Snake Charmer Smackdown Segment Was Atrocious

By Damian Seeto
Santino Cobra
Image from Santino – WWE Universe Facebook

Santino Marella and his “cobra” were part of a ludicrous segment on this past week’s episode of Smackdown. It was one of the worst segments of television I had seen in a long time.

Marella was wrestling in a one-on-one match against Heath Slater. When he was about to win with his “cobra” finishing move, Slater’s buddy Jinder Mahal had other plans and blew on a flute to get the cobra’s attention. Marella looked like a fool as he pretended his own hand was being influenced by the sound of Mahal’s flute.

To make the segment even more cringe-worthy, the Great Khali had his own flute and tried to get the “cobra’s” attention. While he was doing this, Marella acted as if his hand was being charmed by both sounds. Needless to say, the whole act looked very stupid — even by Marella’s standards.

I know WWE is PG and there are certain segments aimed for kids, but this took the stupidity to an all-new level. It would have made more sense if Smackdown was a cartoon, but it looked pathetic seeing a grown man like Marella acting out a cartoon-like segment like this. At least the TV audience heard the flutes being played. I’m not sure what the live audience thought of the segment though …

If WWE wants to be as popular as they were back in the Attitude Era, segments like this need to go away for good. That’s not to say the product has to be more violent or sleazy, but they need to make it more mature so adults can enjoy watching it too. It is segments like this that make professional wrestling look stupid and immature to the casual viewer.

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