Can Wade Barrett Become A Huge Star?

By Damian Seeto
Wade Barrett On Smackdown
Image from Wade Barrett – WWE Universe Facebook

Wade Barrett has been off television for more than a month now. Is he due for a huge push when he returns?

Barrett was the winner of the first season of NXT when it was formatted as a competition. He then became the leader of the “Nexus” and was in line to challenge for the WWE Title. Back in 2010, many people believed Barrett could have been the first Englishman to win the WWE Title.

Sadly, those plans never came to be because WWE dropped the ball on the Nexus in just one month. Even though the group was a part of the main event of SummerSlam, John Cena eventually won that match and pretty much buried Barrett by the end of that year. Barrett never really stepped back into the main event scene ever since.

Barrett was involved in a pretty good feud with Randy Orton just a couple of years ago. These two faced each other multiple times and had a lot of decent matches. Even then, Barrett still remained a mid-carder until he got injured.

When he got injured, WWE somewhat repackaged Barrett as a mean-street brawler. They even gave him a new finisher called the “Bullhammer”. The move looked pretty ordinary compared to the flashy moves we see in modern-day wrestling. A running elbow to the face isn’t what I would call exciting to watch.

Barrett has the potential to become a viscous heel main event star in my opinion. If only WWE allowed pushed him back in 2010, he would have been a main event star already. Hopefully they find a way to make him relevant again when he returns.

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