Can WWE Make Their Product More Exciting In October?

By Damian Seeto
Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton
Image from Randy Orton – WWE Universe Facebook

October is a month the WWE usually hates. Ratings are down and PPV buyrates are low. Is there a way that the company can fix this problem?

October is a tough month when it comes to USA television. TV networks usually debut new shows, or returning shows with new seasons. Not to mention that the NFL season starts, which eats up some of the main demographic that watch the WWE. There is also the NBA season that starts near the end of October. I would also argue the release of Grand Theft Auto V this year means some people aren’t even bothered about watching TV.

The WWE is trying to create more interest as they have two PPV events in October. One is this weekend’s Battleground PPV, while the Hell in a Cell PPV follows just three weeks later. Sadly though, the TV ratings have declined over the past few weeks.

What really needs to happen is another boom period for the professional wrestling industry. The WWE managed to get lots of viewers in the ’80s thanks to Hulk Hogan, and then experienced another surge in popularity in the ’90s due to the Attitude Era.

For the past few years, WWE has only managed to gain interest in specific parts of the year. They have not been able to maintain interest throughout the entire calendar year. I’m not sure how they would improve ratings in October, but creating new and young stars would help.

Relying on the likes of Randy Orton and/or John Cena won’t last forever. They’ve been trying their best with CM Punk and Daniel Bryan being the top babyfaces of the company right now.

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