Are People Missing John Cena?

By Damian Seeto
John Cena Posing
Image from John Cena – WWE Universe Facebook

WWE Raw ratings have been very low for the past few weeks. Is this because John Cena has been off television due to injury?

The Raw rating for this week is in, and it’s not pretty. Raw just scored a rating of 2.68 with only an average of 3.58 million viewers. This is the lowest-rated show of 2013 and the lowest rating since the New Year’s Eve show nine months ago. It is also one of the lowest-rated shows Raw has earned over the last 15 years or so.

The are many factors that could contribute to the low ratings. First of all, WWE hasn’t created a huge star in several years, and has only relied on Cena. Relying on one man to carry a company is a bad business decision because injuries are bound to happen. Not to mention, Cena won’t be able around to wrestle for the company forever.

Because they’ve relied on Cena for many years, a lot of casual fans only watch wrestling because of him. All the young kids and families also love Cena for all the outside charity work he does too. With Cena now injured, it’s possible these types of people are no longer watching wrestling for the time being.

Even though the ratings are down, an upside for Cena’s absence is that it forces WWE to create new stars. Daniel Bryan and CM Punk have been doing well for themselves. The male fans love them, but these two may still need to do more work to attract the kids and their parents. WWE also needs to find a way to attract the millions of fans that stopped watching wrestling altogether once The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin left.

Hopefully the WWE can find a star that can replace the popularity of Cena very soon. In my opinion, they should have found someone years ago to build up as their next star. Cena has been the top guy of the company for over eight years now …

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