From Sex Tape To Miley Cyrus Spoof, Hulk Hogan Is Still As Hilarious As Ever

By Joshua Molina
Photo Courtesy Hulk Hogan — Official Hulk Hogan Facebook Page

Give Hulk Hogan some credit. Most of his co-stars of the 1980s are long-forgotten, but the Hulkster knows how to stay in the conversation.

Whether it’s exploiting his family on a VH-1 TV show called “Hogan Knows Best,” starring in a sex tape with his best friend’s wife, or dating women who are carbon copies of his own daughter, Hogan somehow manages to stay in the spotlight.

Now Hogan is trying to cash in on Miley mania, joining the cast of celebrities such as Cher, Sinead O’Connor and Vanilla Ice who are trying to get famous again by commenting either directly or indirectly on Miley Cyrus‘ every move.

Hogan, the former WWE champion, spoofed Cyrus’ video for “Wrecking Ball,” where a naked Cyrus sits atop a wrecking ball, looking rather anguished as the ball destroys walls around her. In a commercial for his new web hosting service, Hogan sits atop a wrecking ball in tight underwear, looking rather angry as he destroys some jobber with a boot to the face.

And we thought him losing to Billy Kidman in “dubba-c-dubbya” was the lowlight of his career. Hogan is pushing his new company “Hostamania,” a service that is supposedly so easy to follow that even Hillbilly Jim fans can create wickedly awesome web sites.

Gee, he’s come so far since his left the WWF in 1988 to go make movies.

Hogan actually has decent legs for a 60-year-old guy, not that we haven’t already seen them thanks to He has already proved that there’s no bar too low for him to cross. The best thing he can do at this point in his career is head back to the WWE and let CM Punk put a final stake in his career, if nothing else for the promos:

“Hogan, you want to fly around on wrecking balls as a joke? Well, here’s a pipe bomb for you that’s totally serious. You are a disgrace to your family, to wrestlers and this business. So why don’t you fight me at WrestleMania so I can do us all a favor and make you and your career go to sleep.”

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