RVD Deserves A Title Victory Over Alberto Del Rio At WWE Battleground

By Joshua Molina
Photo Courtesy Rob Van Dam — Official WWE Universe Facebook Page

Rob Van Dam has a chance to win the World Heavyweight Championship when he takes on Alberto Del Rio tonight at WWE Battleground.

RVD is one of those guys who doesn’t need a title to get over with the fans, but he should win the strap tonight. RVD, like Daniel Bryan, CM Punk and the late Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit, are average-sized guys who became huge superstars because of their ability inside the ring, not because they were pushed by WWE brass.

RVD is a bit sloppy at times, but he’s at least authentic in his moves. It never looks like he’s out there faking it, like so many younger WWE wrestlers, including 11-time champion John Cena.

Sometimes it feels like the WWE rebels against guys who get over on their own. They might get the title for a few months, but are often emasculated along the way, then forced to drop the belt quickly. Look at what the WWE has been doing unnecessarily with Bryan over the last several months.

The truth is that RVD is good for more than just a loud pop when his entrance music hits and for selling a lot of merchandise. He’s an organic star who the fans respond to without being forced or told how to respond. The title is doing nothing on Del Rio, who actually is an example of a very good wrestler who has the opposite problem of RVD. Del Rio is over-pushed, without a big organic fan base.

The WWE should let RVD win the title and enjoy a run on top as champion. He’s someone fans honestly want to cheer for — not someone the WWE tells them they should.

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