Sting's Career Won't Be Complete Without A WWE Run

By Joshua Molina
Photo courtesy Sting — Official TNA Facebook Page

Every major wrestling star of the last 20 years has competed in the WWE, except for one: Sting.

The Stinger could have been the biggest star in the sport, but he never jumped to the WWE despite having numerous chances over the years. During his prime, Sting was both a good worker and super-charismatic. He also stayed strong and survived image makeovers. In the early 1990s, he was the bleach-blonde, tanned beach boy with face paint who was the ultimate good guy.

Sting turned into a major star seemingly overnight after wrestling a 45-minute draw against Ric Flair on a live Clash of the Champions card on Superstation TBS in 1988.

Later, he took part in perhaps the greatest storyline of all-time as the mysterious Sting in white face paint, who feuded with the NWO on Monday Nitro. Back in 1996, when the lights went out at a WCW arena, you knew Sting would be standing inside the ring when the lights came back on.

When the WWE purchased WCW in 2001, Sting stayed behind. He never joined the WWE. He eventually signed with TNA. Sting has come up with many excuses for never signing with the WWE. He didn’t like the travel schedule. He didn’t like the WWE’s risque storylines. He felt he would be buried like other ex-WCW stars.

Whatever his reasons were, Sting needs to let it all go and join the WWE to end his career. It’s too bad that Sting is too old to take off his shirt, but he would still create some magic feuding with the likes of the Undertaker, his seemingly alter ego in the WWE.

Sting isn’t proving anything to anyone by refusing to sign with the WWE. He needs to let it all go and join the biggest and best wrestling company in the world.

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