Power Outage Cuts WWE Battleground PPV

By Damian Seeto
Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan
Image from Randy Orton – WWE Universe Facebook

A power outage at WWE‘s Battleground PPV caused the company to temporarily cancel the live feed for a few minutes.

The power outage occurred just minutes before the main event between Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton was about to happen. Nobody knew what was going on at the time as the feed for the PPV was dropped worldwide. Providers such as InDemand PPV, SkySports, and WWE.com all lost their signals for the PPV.

After about five minutes, the feed came back. Micheal Cole had to explain to the audience that a power outage occurred at the First Niagara Center in Buffalo, New York. Because the arena went dark and had no power, there wasn’t much WWE could do until power was restored. This was the main reason everyone saw absolutely nothing on their TV sets for five minutes.

It will be interesting to see what type of reaction WWE receives from fans about this. It’s likely no refunds will be given since the power outage occurred without interrupting any of the matches. Still, this doesn’t stop certain PPV providers from offering refunds to anyone that purchased Battleground.

This will hurt WWE’s revenue since October usually is a slow month for the company. PPV buyrates are usually low this month as most people are saving up for Survivor Series in November. WWE could recoup some of the losses in three week’s time as the Hell in a Cell PPV is also scheduled for the month of October. In either case, an event like this doesn’t look good.

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