WWE Battleground Main Event Was A Ripoff

By Damian Seeto
Big Show Attacking Daniel Bryan
Image from Big Show – WWE Universe Facebook

The end to the WWE Battleground PPV left many fans stunned and angry. Can the WWE get away with something like this?

The Battleground PPV was advertised as the crowning a new WWE Champion. The WWE Title was left vacant the night after Night of Champions because Triple H stripped Daniel Bryan of the title. He did this because referee Scott Armstrong did a fast three count. Therefore, Bryan had to face Randy Orton for the chance to become the legitimate WWE Champion.

Before the main event even happened, chaos ensued as people lost their signals to the Battleground PPV for five minutes. This was due to a power outage that occurred at the arena.

That wasn’t all that angered some fans, as the conclusion to the Bryan vs. Orton match left a sour taste to anyone that paid good money to see the PPV. It doesn’t matter if you paid a ticket or paid to see it on PPV — the ending to Battleground was unsatisfying.

This is because Big Show came out and interfered in the main event. Not only did he interfere, but he knocked out both Orton and Bryan. Because of this, both men laid in the middle of the ring and a “double KO” ended that match. Both men couldn’t stand up to the count of 10, and that’s how the PPV concluded.

Usually, this type of scenario happens on a Raw or Smackdown show because it’s free (on television). When a finish like this happens on PPV, fans are more likely to get mad. This type of ending just proves that WWE is trying to sell the next PPV in three week’s time. They’re hoping fans will pay for another PPV to see a real conclusion.

I’m not sure if this will work given that many people are still angry they paid for a false finish …

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