John Cena Returning At WWE Hell In A Cell

By Damian Seeto
John Cena Returning
Image from John Cena – WWE Universe Facebook

It has been announced on WWE Raw that John Cena will return to wrestle at the Hell in a Cell PPV.

Not only is he returning to wrestle, but Vickie Guerrero and Michael Cole made the announcement that he’d be facing Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship.

It was initially thought that Cena would be out from his elbow injury for 4-6 months. Many people expected Cena to return in time for the Royal Rumble match. Any appearance he made prior to that date was supposed to be in a non-wrestling role.

Alas, it appears Cena’s injury wasn’t as serious as many thought as he is able to wrestle just two months after getting elbow surgery. Is this a smart move for Cena to be wrestling full-time so early?

I personally think WWE panicked and wanted to get Cena on television as soon as possible. WWE’s ratings have been pretty low so far and they’re hoping they will pick up when Cena returns. A part of me feels like this is the wrong thing to do because what’s going to happen when Cena’s not available for them?

WWE seriously needs to build new stars for the foreseeable future. Giving Cena yet another title match won’t be the best thing for business in the long term. The company needs time to let other wrestlers shine in the main event scene, or else they won’t have any stars for the future once Cena eventually retires.

Hopefully WWE finds a way to book Cena in relevant storylines without him chasing a belt of some kind. He’s been champion so many times over the past eight years, and it’s about time some other people get a chance in the spotlight.

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