What's Next For Hulk Hogan?

By Damian Seeto
Hulk Hogan With John Cena
Image from WWE – Facebook

Hulk Hogan is officially gone from TNA Wrestling. Which wrestling organization is he going to next?

Hogan signed with TNA back in 2010 in hopes to challenge the WWE. TNA had hoped Hogan’s presence would attract more casual fans so their company would become more popular in the long run. Alas, their plan backfired as Hogan actually did more harm than good. Their fans seem to have decreased in number since then, and they also lost more money in the process too.

TNA were unhappy with the suggestions Hogan made as his ideas were expensive and made them less financially stable than they were before he came. The most expensive endeavor the company did was take TNA on the road on a weekly basis. This was one of Hogan’s idea that backfired since ratings didn’t improve and no new fans were made.

TNA released his daughter Brooke Hogan a few weeks ago as well. It’s unknown how Hogan feels, but I’m sure he’s upset that his daughter had to leave the company. Now that he’s gone too, will he be willing to sign another contract with them or go elsewhere?

My prediction is that Hogan will try and make amends with Vince McMahon again to try and secure some kind of spot at WrestleMania XXX. After all, these two men are what made WrestleMania popular in the first place. If Hogan were to wrestle at the event, a match against John Cena could make a lot of money for everyone.

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