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5 Reasons We Don’t Want Hulk Hogan To Return To The WWE

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5 Reasons We Don't Want Hulk Hogan To Return To The WWE

Photo Courtesy Official WWE Universe Facebook page

X-Pac said it best on a 1998 episode of Monday Night Raw. "Hulk Hogan, you suck, pal."

After blowing a lot of Dixie Carter's money in TNA, Hogan is now trying to weasel his way back into the WWE for one last match at next year's WrestleMania XXX.

God, help us all.

It's not that Hogan is too old to come back; that never stopped any other professional wrestler. It's that Hogan doesn't deserve to come back. Hogan is a user who only in it for himself. Remember when he carried signs on WCW television that said, "Why Wrestle For McMahon," why strutting to the ring in his NWO apparel? Hogan on more than one occasion has tried to put the WWE out of business. Even after the WWE took him back for another run in 2002 he continued his selfish ways. After a short run, he left the WWE for TNA, only to return again to the WWE in 2005. During that period, he refused to lose to top stars. He wanted more money. He wanted to placed higher on the card.

Then he went to TNA and proceeded to ruin everything that was unique about the organization. He pushed or the changing of the six-sided ring to the traditional four-sided ring. At a time when TNA was trying to build young, new talent, like AJ Styles, Hogan was trying to relive his glory days and doing his typical tricks of holding the younger, more talented stars down.

He's no saint outside the ring either. He exploited his family on the VH-1 show "Hogan Knows Best." After Hogan's son Nick was arrested and spent five months in jail for speeding and being under the influence during a crash that nearly killed Nick's best friend, Hogan was caught on tape telling his son he could hook him up with a TV show when he got out.

Hogan doesn't deserve to be in the WWE. Too many other wrestlers deserve to be earning the money that he would demand to sign with the company. Hogan had his opportunities. WrestleMania should be about the current and future stars, not a guy who's just looking for some gimmicky cheers and a huge paycheck. Here's five (there are probably 100) reasons why Hogan should not be allowed back in the WWE.

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5: Refused To Job To Shawn Michaels, A Younger, More Talented Wrestler

Photo Courtesy Official Shawn Michaels WWE Universe Facebook page

Hulk Hogan actually pinned Shawn Michaels at Summer Slam in 2005. Like that was believable. Michaels turned it into a joke match by overselling, so the match was worth it, for all the wrong reasons. Hogan can't put over the greatest in-ring performer of all time?

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4: Refused To Lose To Randy Orton, A Younger, More Talented Wrestler

Photo Courtesy Official Randy Orton WWE Universe Facebook page

So the next year, Hogan refuses to lose to Randy Orton, the youngest heavyweight champion of all-time. Really? Give us a break, Hogan. You can't beat Orton in a real or dramatized fight.

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3: Hulk Hogan Is Not A Role Model

Photo Courtesy Official Hulk Hogan WWE Universe Facebook Page

Remember the whole Bubba The Love Sponge-sex-tape ordeal? It's not worth explaining. But apparently Hogan enjoys engaging in relations with his best friend's wife. Real American hero.

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2: We Already Have A Hulk Hogan In The WWE

Photo Courtesy Official John Cena WWE Universe Facebook page

Isn't John Cena the modern-day Hulk Hogan? He can suck at wrestling as much as Hogan can, and he's way more cool and relevant to today's audience. We don't need a young and old version of Hogan.

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1: CM Punk, Not Hulk Hogan, Should Headline WrestleMania XXX

Photo Courtesy Official CM Punk WWE Universe Facebook page

In case you haven't noticed, CM Punk is the best in-ring performer today and has been for the last three years. Hulk Hogan shouldn't be returning to take away some of his money. Hogan's time has passed. Every time he comes back, he steals money and attention from the modern wrestlers who work hard all year to carry the sport. Hogan is great for an arena cheer, but he's not a draw anymore. Let him stay in TNA or go hang from a wrecking ball somewhere.